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Since the start of the year, several Web3 game developers have made promises to improve user experience in blockchain gaming. Already, a number of games have been launched, and they feel like the AAA games most traditional gamers love. In this article, we will take a look at some of the exciting Web3 games expected to revolutionize the gaming space and onboard Web2 gamers.


The developers behind Illuvium are currently building four versions of their game, including Illuvium Beyond, Illuvium Zero, Illuvium Overworld, and Illuvium Arena. The game is being built on layer-2 network Immutable X. Its characters are represented by NFTs. Last month, the beta test for Illuvium Overworld took place, while for Illuvium Arena happened at the start of July.

Illuvium developers have also built a decentralized crypto exchange known as IlluviDex in an effort to support crypto integrations.

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As of this writing, it is still unclear when all four Illuvium game versions will be available to the Public.


This blockchain-based game is a project of Midnight Society, one of the world’s leading game studios. Several big names in the gaming industry, including YouTuber Dr. Disrespect and former Call of Duty developer Robert Bowling, are among the management members of Midnight Society. Deadrop is already famous among gamers thanks to Dr. Disrespect’s huge following on Youtube.

Currently, access to the game is restricted to holders of the Polygon-based Pass NFTs. However, Deadrop developers recently announced they will publicly launch the game within the next two months.


The developer of the popular game Dragon Quest, Square Enix, is stepping into the Web3 gaming space with Symbiogenesis. The NFT-powered game will launch on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon. Over the last few months, Square Enix has been teasing out the expected user experience in Symbiogenesis to keep gamers excited. However, we still do not know how this game will look or play.


With Shrapnel, all the in-game assets will be offered as NFTs, which can be traded through the game’s GameBridge feature. Shrapnel has already created its token called SHRAP.

The game runs on the Shrapnel Subnet powered by Avalanche. In April, the Shrapnel developers offered playtests at the Consensus conference. At the time, many described Shrapnel as a top AAA-like game powered by blockchain technology.

My Pet Hooligan

This Web3 game is a product of AMGI Studios. Most developers in this game studio come from Pixar and Disney. In My Pet Hooligan, players use bipedal rabbits NFTs to compete with others. The game’s quirky aesthetic and unique movement will surely attract web2 gamers. Note that My Pet Hooligan is still in beta test as of July 7, 2023.

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

The developer of this game, Ubisoft, is a well-known publisher in the Web2 gaming space. Ubisoft is popular for its smash hit game Assassin’s Creed. The company has been exploring Web3 since 2021. Earlier this year, it announced its NFT-powered game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. The project will be based on the Oasys network.

Ubisoft recently dropped a teaser trailer of the game on its Youtube channel, which appears to have excited gamers based on the comments.


As per an announcement trailer on Youtube, Wildcard will be a player vs. player game, allowing participants to use their cards to engage in battles. The game’s developer Paul Bettner, who’s also behind another famous game called Word With Friends, has been collecting players’ suggestions on Twitter over the last few weeks. But only a small number of gamers have access to the game at the moment.

Bettner recently revealed that Wildcard NFTs will be released via Polygon soon.


Otherside’s creator Yuga Labs is the company behind most blue-chip NFT collections, including Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Apes. Yuga Labs now considers itself a gaming firm following the Alpha launch of Otherside, a metaverse game that allows users to create their own games. Players who have access to the game appear to be loving the experience based on their comments under a video titled “Otherside 2nd Trip,” available on Yuga Labs’ Youtube Channel.

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