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The bluechip-NFT platform Azuki confirms that its Twitter Account has been hacked. The senior officer of the Azuki community Dem announced on January 27 that “bad actors” had compromised its Twitter page.

Dem reveals that the hackers posted two suspicious links to promote the company’s newly launched virtual city. He is alerting Azuki’s users to keep away from phishing links on Twitter.

Azuki Community Improves NFT Space

On January 12, the Azuki community launched a unique Metaverse city called Hilumia to improve NFT experiences. Surprisingly, the Azuki new product implements physical features to reveal the bluechip-NFT company history and unveil its plans. 

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The creative team behind the Hilumia project integrated musical elements, parks, gardens, and exclusive sound effects on the platform to entertain the NFT holders.

Weeks later, the innovative efforts made by the Hilumia project team were gloomed by the unscrupulous players who compromised the company’s Twitter account.

Hackers Raiding the Crypto Empire

In response to the hack, Azuki NFT community manager Dem discovered two tweets promoting Hilumia virtual city. Dem warns the Azuki community from using the malicious links displayed on the hackers’ tweets.

He argued that the hackers exploited the vulnerability of the Azuki Twitter account. Dem’s speculation influenced the Azuki’s developers, Chiru Labs, to probe the matter. 

A spokesperson from Chiru Labs confessed to having a close connection to Azuki Twitter. 

In addition, other crypto firms affected by the Azuki Twitter hack initiated strategic moves to block user accessibility to suspicious links. Such firms include MetaMask, Phantom, and Wallet Guard.

Following this, the crypto community discovered that hackers did not escape with even a single Azuki. Still, two wallets were revealed to be connected to suspicious tweets. 

Investors Suffer Losses from Ongoing Twitter Hacking

Besides the Azuki NFT Twitter hack, the California-based crypto investment Robinhood had a similar encounter on January 25.

As per the Robinhood incident, hackers embraced the company’s social media accounts to promote a Binance Smart Chain token, $RBH. 

Still, this week the Web3 developer and the founder of Moonbird, Kevin Rose, lost more than 40 NFTs. Rose reported that hackers established a phishing attack to exploit his OpenSea platform.

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