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James Tromans from Google is optimistic about (artificial intelligence) AI’s role in hastening tasks such as smart auditing and contract writing.
The mainstream push for AI has resulted in several investors shifting from cryptocurrency to investment in generative artificial intelligence startups. They hope to get the next ChatGPT by OpenAI or Google Bard.

Web3 Integration with Artificial Intelligence to Improve Security and Traceability
Despite speculators betting on the next thing, James Troman, Google Cloud’s Engineering Director of Web3, claims the international tech firm intends to close the gap between Web3 and artificial intelligence with a focus on the future and digital ownership.

Tromans stated that Web3 does not necessarily involve maintaining data privacy. Instead, it entails owning data and having several alternatives concerning how to use it. In addition, he claimed the technology could ensure data longevity and origin and include an additional traceability and security layer.

AI-Powering Web3 Systems to Boost Business Outcomes
Amid optimism on Web3, Tromans claimed he views the technology’s principal value as solving for business outcomes rather than theorizing on a token’s value. He revealed that Google Cloud Next has horizontal and vertical strategies. The horizontal approach is meant to improve the meeting of clients regardless of their location, Web 3 natives, and persons familiar with the tech industry.

AI Trading

Tromans claimed that Google went out of its way to hire persons who have worked natively in Web3. However, he stated that the firm owns a vertical strategy concerning its products and does not focus on Web3.
Google Cloud Deploys Web3 in Blockchain’s Transaction Validation
Google Cloud has embraced several initiatives into Web3, which includes becoming numerous blockchains’ transaction validators. The firm’s initial Web3 team was developed in May last year to leverage the industry’s potential and ensure that Google Cloud became the developers’ preferred choice.
In September, Google Cloud became a validator for transactions on the Ronin network, Axie Infinity’s Ethereum side-chain. Afterward, it became a validator on the Solana network.

Despite Trojans claiming his optimism concerning the ability of blockchain technology to address economic issues, he is also doubtful of applications that do not need Web3 tools, are not the best fit, or are attempting to embed the technology where it is unneeded.

Artificial Intelligence Unable to Isolate Web3 in Marketing Vaporware

When robust, Tromans also revealed that artificial intelligence would not be a single-stop answer for firms and investors seeking to use it to isolate Web3’s best projects from marketing vaporware. He stated that AI would not be the magical weapon and noted that firms making promises in marketing to generate money are not new or firmly an occurrence in crypto.

It is not irrational to believe that artificial intelligence will aid the startups’ time to market shrink considerably since they will possess the extra tools to enhance their productivity.

Google Establishing Fiber Network Critical to Realize Decentralization

Despite Google’s profound probe on Web3, some crypto jeer at hosting Web3 initiatives on ‘legacy’ platforms such as AWS by Amazon and Google Cloud. According to Tromans, this is baseless. He continued to say that he understands that individuals should have viewpoints. Google possesses fiber optic lines, and the firm lays down its undersea cables to aid in network decentralization.

Tromans claimed that accessing Google’s fiber network was crucial for decentralization. He added that developers should consider Web3 technologies as justifiably and universally adopted. Specifically, he stated that the spear’s tip plays a major role in enabling the organization’s movement. However, everybody should be involved to benefit from the technology.

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