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The German intelligence community reportedly aims to recruit blockchain talent to beef up its workforce. Accordingly, the agency has launched a blockchain treasure hunt for a non-fungible token (NFT) collectible with a canine concept to attract Web3 talents into the service.

The Dogs Of BND

Earlier this month, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany’s foreign intelligence body, unveiled its custom collection. This collection is a group of 999 distinct dog-themed NFTs, drawing inspiration from the agency’s formidable guard and security dogs and their diverse contributions to intelligence operations.

Per the official BND website, acquiring these NFTs involves an intriguing process of searching Instagram for a character string previously shared by the agency. Moreover, this cryptic clue leads to an Ether address, acting as the gateway to the coveted collection.

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Only those possessing exceptional cyber skills can interpret and utilize the information to gain access and have the chance of minting an exclusive NFT. During a recent conversation with a top German crypto publication, the BND explained that this innovative initiative aims to find exceptional cybersecurity talents.

The agency revealed that creating unique NFT collectibles and the next challenge were strategic moves undertaken to identify and attract exceptional talents in digital security. However, 12 of the NFTs are not yet available for minting, with the BND stating that it’s currently working on creating more difficult challenges using the collections as the ultimate prize.

According to reports, the intelligence agency is considering a smart contract hacking challenge to help select and recruit promising talents in the blockchain and Web3 industry.

BND’s NFT Records Price Spike

This increased interest surrounding the BND’s collection caused a massive spike in NFT’s trading volume and floor price. Furthermore, the newfound recognition and popularity surrounding these unique digital collectibles have pushed their market dynamics to another height, drawing the attention of NFT enthusiasts and investors’ attention.

During this period of intense interest, the floor price of these NFTs recorded a sharp rise of approximately $100 within a day. The remarkable surge in the collection’s worth undoubtedly caught the attention of collectors and investors, triggering a flurry of activity within the marketplace.

However, despite the spike in value, it is essential to note that the liquidity of the BND collection remains relatively low. Per recent on-chain data, the total transaction volume recorded amounted to approximately 1 ETH.

This implies that a relatively limited number of these sought-after NFTs found their way into the hands of collectors. While the surge in value showcases the appeal and potential of these digital assets, their relatively low trading volumes suggest that the owners still hold a significant portion of the collectible.

This desirability explains the scarcity of these coveted NFTs.

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