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CNIL, a French privacy regulator, questioned the legitimacy of the Worldcoin approach on Friday, terming it doubtful.

Regulators across Europe have increased their inquiries concerning Worldcoin. Germany and France are the latest nations to declare commencing an investigation into this contentious crypto project.

Altman Initiates Ambitious Digital Passport Project in Worldcoin

Worldcoin was cofounded by Sam Altman, and recently, it has undertaken an ambitious initiative to scan people’s irises. In return, a ‘digital passport’ is provided to them. According to the project, the Word IDs will be vital as artificial intelligence (AI) gains more influence. Besides, it will enable people to verify they are not robots.

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Via an email on Friday, CNIL, a French privacy regulator, revealed that the collection’s legitimacy and the conditions for biometric data storage seem dubious. The watchdog’s officials claimed an investigation has been launched and is partnering with Germany’s Bavarian state authority.

UK Information Commissioner Confirms Opening Inquiry into Questionable Worldcoin Procedure

On Tuesday, the Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom signaled that inquiries were being made. This is because firms should carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment before gathering such ‘high-risk’ data.

Crypto space’s influential persons have also raised the alarm concerning the matter. Earlier in the week, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s cofounder, cautioned that Worldcoin possesses ‘significant problems.’ Besides, they claimed that iris scans could unintentionally disclose people’s data, for instance, ethnicity, sex, and probably medical conditions.

Leaking Biometric Data May Plunge Victims Lives into Irreparable Loss

A scholar and author, Pete Howson, argued that data breaches occur regularly. However, biometric data leakage puts people’s lives on the line, particularly those in low-income nations where Worldcoin operates. Unconcerned by the regulatory obstacle, Worldcoin’s orbs, the hardware scanning people’s irises, remain prevalent in these nations. Two are based in Britain, two in Germany, and one in France.

Altman claimed that despite assumptions that client interest in Worldcoin has been lukewarm, crazy lines have been witnessed in different parts of the globe, and a person gets verified every eight seconds.

Current Worldcoin Infrastructure Unrealistic to Realize Mass Adoption

Mathematically, this reveals that it will take years for mass adoption to be achieved. If one hypothesizes that verifications will maintain their present rate, it will take half a decade to register 19.6 million persons, which represents 0.00245 percent of the globe’s population.

Recently, Worldcoin divulged that as the year progresses, it plans to increase the number of orbs across major cities significantly. This means it will have five times extra capacity for signups.

Worldcoin Restates its Compliance with Personal Data Rights and Protections

Earlier this week, the project statement regarding privacy concerns reaffirmed that the Worldcoin Foundation conforms to all regulations and laws that govern personal data processing in markets where Worldcoin is present. The laws include the United Kingdom Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

On Friday, the firm reached out to add that this project will strive to partner with governing agencies concerning requests for data concerning privacy and data protection interventions. It also divulged that it partnered with a top-tier law company to carry out a ‘strict’ Data Protection Impact Assessment in the United Kingdom. Besides, it will respond promptly to personal requests to delete private information. 

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