Game on: Here are the Most-Awaited Gaming Token Airdrops This Year
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It looks like the airdrop season is not ending anytime soon. More protocols have announced plans to distribute free tokens to crypto users this year. Have you been playing crypto games? If that’s the case, you might be interested in these upcoming gaming token airdrops:


This Arbitrum layer-3 gaming network conducted its first airdrop on January 9th. Developed in partnership with Arbitrum creator Offchain Labs, Xai distributed XAI tokens to holders of certain NFTs and Sentry node Operators who bought a Sentry Key. At the time, more than $60 million worth of XAI tokens were airdropped. Within a week, the value of airdropped tokens had skyrocketed to $152 million.

Now, Xai has announced that there will be a “Season 2” of XAI airdrop later this year. Follow the project’s social media accounts to stay updated.


Pixels is the new game on Ronin Network. It has plans to airdrop its PIXEL token to players in 2024. So, how does one qualify for the airdrop? Well, you need to complete certain tasks within the game. Pixels creator Luke Barwikowski said last week that the top 6,000 players at the end of January will be eligible to receive PIXEL tokens. Moreover, about 19,000 players who participated in the previous “play-to-airdrop” wave will receive some free tokens. Barwikowski has yet to reveal the date for the token launch, but he says the rollout is “really close.”

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This gaming project has trended since last month. It is set to introduce a multi-chain gaming digital currency to bridge the gap between crypto games across multiple blockchains. The team behind Portal comprises developers from Rockstar Games and SuperDuper.

To become eligible for the airdrop, you need to promote Portal on X. The points you earn determine the number of tokens you will receive. Per Portal’s recent announcement, the airdrop will happen this month, although the exact date remains unknown.

Saga Protocol

This blockchain is built primarily to support crypto gaming. To receive SAGA tokens in the upcoming airdrop, you must play games on the Saga testnet. Saga CEO Rebecca Liao said in December that some players are likely to receive more tokens as she anticipates game developers will launch tokens for their own projects and reward early users. The SAGA token will be rolled out in this year’s spring, along with the Saga mainnet.

It is worth mentioning that some gamers on Avalanche, Celestia, Polygon, and Cosmos will also receive airdropped SAGA tokens.

Nifty Island

The Nifty Island game is already out but in a beta version. It lets players buy and customize their Island, along with playing with other users. To get free ISLAND tokens, you need to play Nifty Island more. The more points you earn, the more tokens you will likely receive. Moreover, if you refer your friends to play the game, you increase your chances of getting some ISLAND.

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes is based on Solana. The game has announced that its early access version will launch next month. Players who will participate in the game will automatically become eligible for the NYN token airdrop. If they buy Nyan Heroes NFTs, they’ll receive more tokens.


Besides Pixels, Apeiron is another Ronin-based game planning to reward users with digital tokens. By owning Apeiron NFTs or playing the game, users earn points, making them eligible for the ANIMA token airdrop later this year.


Mixmob, a Solana-based gaming platform, is launching its MXM token in 2024. The digital asset will be airdropped to active players of the platform’s mobile game Race 1. In addition, holders of MixBot NFTs and players who invite others to play Race 1 will receive free MXM tokens.


Gaming project Notcoin runs on the TON blockchain. The developers behind it say over 4.5 million users are already interacting with the project. TON Foundation said a few days ago that early Notcoin users will get free tokens when the gaming project launches its native crypto asset later this year.

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