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  • Futureverse secures $54M, led by 10T Holdings and Ripple, to enhance the AI-powered metaverse.
  • Futureverse’s unique blend of AI and blockchain is set to redefine the metaverse landscape.
  • Despite the crypto market turmoil, Futureverse shows resilience, ready to weather the crypto winter.

A trailblazing startup in the metaverse and AI space, Futureverse has triumphantly amassed $54M in its Series A investment round. Spearheaded by the cryptocurrency investment powerhouse 10T Holdings, the round also attracted the involvement of Ripple Labs, a behemoth in the crypto realm. As a result, Futureverse stands on the brink of transforming the metaverse landscape with its unique AI content creation technologies.

The startup, which Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald co-founded, is a unique amalgamation of 11 metaverse infrastructure and content companies. These companies span diverse sectors, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and gaming. However, the founders have chosen to keep the startup’s valuation under wraps post the funding round.

Futureverse’s Offerings: A Blend of AI and Blockchain

AI Trading

Futureverse’s portfolio boasts impressive offerings such as FLUF World, a collection of NFTs, and AI League, a mobile soccer game licensed by FIFA. Additionally, the startup is on the brink of launching an unprecedented AI-driven boxing game. Therefore, Futureverse is more than just a metaverse platform; it provides AI technology, a builder of metaverse infrastructure, a layer one designer, a creative powerhouse, and a thriving digital community.

Dan Tapiero, CEO and CIO of 10T praised Futureverse for its immersive and vertically-integrated metaverse platform. He highlighted the startup’s role as an all-in-one solution in the rapidly evolving metaverse landscape.

Futureverse plans to channel the funds from the latest round into developing its comprehensive technology. Significantly, the focus will be on The Root Network, a blockchain and suite of protocols for building next-gen metaverse apps. Besides, The Root Network is already integrated with the XRP Ledger, thanks to Futureverse’s previous partnership with Ripple.

Futureverse’s Resilience Amid Crypto Market Turbulence

Despite the recent turmoil in the crypto market, Futureverse has shown resilience. The startup had to restructure, leading to a 20% reduction in its workforce. However, with over 250 employees currently, co-founder Aaron McDonald believes the company is now more stable and equipped to weather the crypto winter.

In conclusion, Futureverse’s recent funding round marks a significant milestone. With the backing of Ripple and 10T Holdings, the startup is set to redefine the metaverse with its AI and blockchain-driven solutions. Consequently, the future of the metaverse looks promising, with Futureverse leading the charge.

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