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FTX admitted to considering disposing of its $500M stake in OpenAI rival firm Anthropic, cashing in on the prevailing artificial intelligence (AI) boom.  

A report by Semafor shows that FTX might be seeking to sell its stake in OpenAI’s rival Anthropic. Based on a November 2022 report by the Financial Times, the publication shows that this cryptocurrency exchange presently has shares worth more than $500 million in Anthropic. 

The article cited persons with knowledge concerning the matter, including Perella Weinberg, the bank currently dealing with the shares FTX may be considering selling. Additionally, the bank is promoting the idea to investors.

The Financial Times published spreadsheet revealed that FTX invested $43 million in Twitter Inc. The allegations are yet to elicit Weinberg’s comments, leaving the account’s authenticity doubtful. 

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Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Can Differentiate Good From Evil

Owing to AI’s capability to generate offensive and fabricated content, Anthropic, an organization directed by pioneer OpenAI researchers, is taking another course. In this case, it is creating an AI with the ability to differentiate good from evil in the absence of human input. Claude, Anthropic’s chatbot, was created with a special constitution, which entails a group of regulations based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

AI, particularly generative AI, has become quite popular since the introduction of ChatGPT back in November. Microsoft and Google are examples of technology giants that have invested a lot to introduce the technology to the public. For instance, Microsoft invested $13 billion in OpenAI and included ChatGPT in the web browser. 

Anthropic Unveils Claude AI as Google Remits $400 Million

Generative AI concerns AI with training on colossal data amounts and can produce information based on the prompts. This technology is still affected by ‘hallucinations,’ which refers to responding based on false information. 

Anthropic was introduced back in March by ex-OpenAI workers. In subsequent quarters, it would unveil Claude AI following the receipt of $400M from Google.

Back in May, a Series C funding headed by Spark Capital resulted in the organization acquiring an additional $450 million. Further, Anthropic declared Claude AI’s improvement that would result in the processing of more than 75000 words or 100000 tokens. 

OpenAI’s GPT is Aiding in the Transformation of Text into Custom Metaverse Worlds

AI is a popular topic in various headlines owing to the improvements in GPT models and competitors. These models can generate media and text with high precision and speed. Additionally, several experiences and industries can be changed by this technology. For instance, a Web3 metaverse application has established a means to embrace the technology. Another example is Oncyber, a 3-dimensional framework that supports several nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and is utilized by Web3 communities and creators. 

According to Oncyber, an average person takes more than five hours to read 100000 tokens of text, and the time needed to digest the information might be longer. Claude is capable of executing this action in less time.

Sale of FTX’s Shares in Anthropic Doubtful as Process Faces Numerous Obstacles

In November, FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and in the following month, Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder and ex-CEO, was accused of fraud, money laundering, and an intention to carry out the crime. 

In January, a judge directing FTX’s bankruptcy allowed the organization to dispose of part of its assets to pay back creditors. According to Semafor, Weinberg is discussing the possibility of selling FTX’s whole position. 

In May, LedgerX was sold by FTX to M7, a private equity organization, following approval by the court. 

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