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The Financial Stability Board (FSB) lauds the milestone realized in formulating a global crypto framework. The international organization monitoring the global financial system announced plans to launch the crypto-specific regulatory framework after a series of recommendations.

The FSB considers it paramount for crypto operators to segregate customers’ digital assets from their funds. Deploying a clear separation of functions would eliminate the hybrid setting, often triggering a conflict of interest.

FSB Finalizing Recommendations to Guide Global Crypto Framework

The FSB admits that the guidelines presented to the top 20 leading economies (G20) constitute suggestions whose crafting identifies with the same activity, same risk, and same regulation principle. FSB conveyed the public note alongside two unique guidelines in its Monday, July 17 communication.

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The documents feature a pair of recommendations. The high-level suggestions target general crypto regulations, while the revised high-level recommendations are oriented to the global stablecoin. The high-level guidelines propose comprehensive oversight of all stablecoins capable of usage beyond a single jurisdiction. 

Besides, FSB obligates crypto platforms to avoid commingling clients’ deposits. In particular, it directs crypto exchanges and custodial platforms to run separate accounts for their funds and clients’ digital assets. 

Regulators Urged to Embrace Strict Crypto Supervision and Cross-Border Cooperation 

FSB challenges regulators to exercise closely-knit oversight without compromising on tight cross-border cooperation. The international entity acknowledges the need for exercising and enabling privacy. Specifically, it directs the local regulators to ensure no activity is frustrating efforts to identify the responsible entity and affiliated parties in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. 

The high-level suggestion issued by FSB on Monday directs regulatory authorities to ensure they access all data deemed appropriate to fulfilling the supervisory and oversight obligations. Further, it considers global stablecoins’ vulnerability to propose that the issuers must demonstrate the identifiable and legally responsible entities and individuals acting as the governance body.

FSB recommendations obligate the stablecoin issuers to always hold reserve assets in a matching 1:1 ratio. FSB holds that the matching reserve assets and stablecoin issued are the desirable minimal proportion. Nonetheless, the issuer is exempted from this requirement if subject to alternative requirements equivalent to commercial bank standards. 

FSB Recommends for Jurisdictional Permits for Global Stablecoin Issuers

The guideline introduces the mandatory requirement for global stablecoin to secure permits in every jurisdiction the issuer intends to operate. The guideline urges the authorities to prohibit platforms for global stablecoin arrangement unless the issuer satisfies the local regulatory, supervisory, and oversight conditions.

The FSB reiterated that it will assess the recommendations’ implementation globally by 2025. The communication on July 15 indicated that FSB would issue a joint statement alongside the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The report scheduled for September 2023 would feature the current policies and regulatory concerns of the G20.

The FSB will review the state of implementing its recommendations worldwide by the end of 2025. In September 2023, with the International Monetary Fund, it will deliver a joint report on the existing policies and regulatory issues to the G20. 

The FSB framework is set to offer a reference framework for various jurisdictions as policymakers globally seek to emulate the European Union’s bold move to approve the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA). 

The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) identified with the FSB stance. The advocacy entity representing the wholesale market participants in the continent urged EU lawmakers to consider including DeFI in the MiCA crypto framework scheduled for its enforcement.

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