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Read our Exteom review and learn why this is a proper broker for online trading. Read all you need to know in this Exteom review before you start trading with the broker.

Exteom Review

Exteom logoExteom is an amazing broker catering to the trading needs of many in the industry and if you have a long history of unsuccessfully searching for a trading platform or you feel that your search for the right online trading service provider who offers you the ideal trading experience has taken up a lot of your time.

If that’s the case, I’m confident that after reading my thorough Exteom review, you will discover something.

I’d like to talk to you about this platform since I believe the folks who created it were traders in the past. I can see how all of its features are geared toward traders and provide them with several advantages. I would prefer to go straight into the review, inform you about these benefits, and allow you to make the decision rather than make empty promises.

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Trade cryptocurrencies, forex, and more

You no longer need to confine yourself to a single market, therefore don’t do it. With the help of your platform, you can access hundreds of assets on all the world’s major financial markets. You won’t need to travel anywhere else if you choose to trade equities or foreign currency pairings. Commodities like energy and precious metals are also tradable on this website.

You can trade indices on Exteom as well, but what piques my interest the most is the ability to trade cryptocurrencies. Being able to trade more than just Bitcoin and a few other major cryptocurrencies is excellent. In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, you may also trade Bitcoin Cash, Dash Coin, Dogecoin, Neo Coin, Litecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies.

In summary, when you register with Exteom, you have the fantastic potential to diversify your portfolio in your hands. Your trading experience will be enhanced further by the fact that the company has made available to you a web-based trading platform. With this platform, you can trade any of these assets without having to download the platform first.

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Several Accounts with Different Features

Exteom is a reputable trading platform with a strong grasp of traders’ needs thanks to the diversity of both the account and the features therein. While the gold account requires a deposit of $100,000, the silver account may be started with just $5000.

No matter whatever account you use, there are no additional trading costs to add to the spreads. Account managers are included with every account; however, the type of account you have may affect how much experience they have.

You can withdraw money more quickly when your trading account becomes more sophisticated. A quick heads-up: there is five account tiers total, with “Silver” being the lowest and “Diamond” the highest.

I was shocked to discover that this brokerage also provides direct financing, which, if you choose the platinum account, can be up to 100%. As a result, the trading accounts were created extremely wisely and with a variety of traders’ demands in mind.

Beneficial trading circumstances

The likelihood of growth and advancement must be taken into account when signing up with an internet broker. There is no incentive to continue with that broker if you can’t advance in your trading career. How can you tell whether or not you can grow?

The leverage and spreads, which are typically part of the trading circumstances, should be examined. You’ll benefit more from your trades when spreads are tight since more of your profits will remain in your account. Your spreads on VIP & Diamond accounts are zero pip.

Regarding leverage, the organization provides various levels of leverage depending on the type of trading account you have. The leverage on the silver account is 1:5, but when you join up for the diamond account, it may be as high as 1:500.

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Final Thoughts

Although the features I’ve mentioned may not be exclusive to this broker, they are unquestionably superior to a large number of other trading platforms available today. If you have any additional questions, you may contact the business at any time using the online form.

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