Monday, March 1, 2021

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin May Have Contracted Coronavirus

There is a possibility that the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin has contracted coronavirus, considering the fact that some of the participants of the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) have tested positive of the highly contagious disease.

A few days ago, Herald Sheets reported that the founder and CEO of TorusLabs, Zhen Yu Yong (Zen) implored the participants of EthCC and ETHLondon to get tested after confirming his status as a COVID19 patient.

According to a recent report, Vitalik Buterin was fully involved in the event. At press time, 8 of the participants are already tested positive, while some results are still awaiting. This puts the Ethereum co-founder at risk of infection.

Recap of the First Discovery of Coronavirus among EthCC Participants

In early March 2020, the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) was held in Paris France. The conference took place a few days before the Macron administration banned events involving more than 1000 people in France.

As aforementioned, the CEO and Founding Partner of Torus Labs, Zhen Ju Yong (Zen), called the attention of other participants to his coronavirus infection status.

According to the above list that contains the number of people that have contracted coronavirus and the results that are negative. The list also highlights their respective health conditions.

Going by the information on the list, the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin had a fever on 6th March. However, he’s in stable condition at the moment, but his status is not confirmed yet.

Aidan Hyman of ChainSafe is also one of those that have already tested positive. It was reported that Hyman made close and body contact with many people after conference.

COVID19 emerged from Wuhan, the headquarters and largest city of China’s Hubei province sometimes in December 2019.

The widespread of the virus crossed the border of China into many neighboring countries and also made its way into Europe and the United States.

The effect of the widespread has now gone beyond the health of the world to the global economy. Both stock and cryptocurrency markets have been significantly affected since the virus made its way into Europe, United States, and other powerful nations.

Solomon Odunayo
Solomon has a growing passion for writing, this propelled him to keenly work on Eagles News Media for about two years before delving into the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry he finds more interesting. He worked as a crypto Journalist and Editor at NewsLogical before joining Herald Sheets, owing to the priceless experience he has accumulated since he became a contributor in the crypto community.

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