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Team Liquid will unveil themed nonfungible tokens for Illuvium and provide guidance regarding game development. Additionally, it will aid in developing the game’s esports scene.

Team Liquid is partnering with the inventors of Illuvium, a nonfungible token (NFT) game unveiled in early access, to experiment with its turn-founded, player-versus-player (PVP) creature auto battler experience. On Wednesday November 29, Victor Goossens, Team Liquid’s founder and co-chief executive officer, revealed the partnership. 

Self-Experiments and Guidance on Human-Contestants

In a video, Goossens said they will be self-experimenting and guiding them on the player-versus-player aspect of their game. So far, they have been pleased by the game’s quality. 

The organization’s chief executive officer says that Team Liquid’s members, for instance, ‘Midbeast,’ a content creator and ‘Broxah,’ a League of Legends player, will be one of the esports firms checking out Illuvium. He said they are certain that, similar to most of the games that Liquid participates in, this game will also reward strategy and skill. 

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In 2022, Team Liquid generated $35M in funding at a valuation of $415M. It will partner with Illuvium to create the game’s esports scenes and tournaments next year. In this case, it will co-host an esports competition with a prize pool of $100000.

Part of the collaboration will entail the game unveiling Team Liquid-themed Illuvium non fungible tokens in the form of avatars and character skins. Illuvium is developed on Immutable X, an Ethereum scaling platform focusing on gaming. 

In a Wednesday blog post, the Illuvium team wrote that the partnership is not all about two names shaking hands. Additionally, it involves creating a precedent for Web3 gaming in mainstream esports. Specifically, it entails developing a world in which gaming success is seen in the real world, where each move might result in something impressive.

Team Liquid Explores Viable Crossovers with Competitive Gaming

Like the rest of the esports organizations, such as M80 and TSM, Team Liquid has evaluated crypto’s possible crossovers with competitive gaming. On a panel at the 3XP seminar, Ross Groves, Team Liquid’s Web3 Senior Partnerships Manager, revealed to a media outlet that the organization is ‘breaking into Web3 games.’

Groves said they intend to bring their fans into Web3 and offer them a safe means to onboard. Additionally, they plan to try the new games they are seeing around.

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