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  • EOS Network Ventures’ $2.4M boost to NoahArk Tech Group marks a major leap in strengthening EOS’s DeFi capabilities and infrastructure.
  • Strategic funding enhances Defibox and Noahark, aiming to position EOS as a leading platform in the competitive DeFi landscape.
  • The investment focuses on deep liquidity and advanced tooling, setting a new standard for EOS’s decentralized finance ecosystem and user experience.

EOS Network Ventures (ENV), the primary steward of the EOS blockchain, has taken a significant leap in decentralized finance (DeFi) by investing $2.4 million into NoahArk Tech Group. This move aims to propel the growth of DeFi applications on the EOS platform, a blockchain network that has been lagging in DeFi development compared to its peers.

The recipient of this substantial funding, NoahArk Tech Group, is the product of a partnership between Defibox Technology and Hong Kong Noah Technology. The group’s objective is not just the expansion of the EOS ecosystem but to specifically nurture its DeFi capabilities. Over the past year, ENV has been aggressively pushing to bridge the gap in the DeFi space on EOS, and this investment is a testament to their commitment.

Revolutionizing EOS with Decentralized Exchanges

A robust decentralized exchange (DEX) is fundamental to the success of any DeFi ecosystem. Like Uniswap underpins Ethereum and TraderJoe supports Avalanche, EOS is now positioning itself to establish major DeFi protocols. ENV’s investment in NoahArk is a strategic move to catalyze this development.

The investment will primarily bolster and, two leading DeFi platforms on the EOS EVM. The EOS EVM, operating parallel to the main EOS chain, is uniquely suited for DeFi due to its compatibility with Ethereum. This feature simplifies bridging ERC20 tokens from other EVM chains and facilitates Solidity developers in creating or porting applications on EOS EVM.

AI Trading

Deepening Liquidity and Enhancing Tools

For DeFi to thrive on any network, deep liquidity is essential. This ensures that large market orders can be accommodated without significant price impacts, maintaining market stability even in the presence of large transactions. Moreover, a well-equipped suite of tools and protocols is necessary to utilize crypto assets effectively. The funding from ENV will enable Defibox and Noahark to enhance these aspects, elevating the EOS EVM DeFi experience to new heights.

Eason, the CEO of NoahArk Tech Group, elaborates on the transformative nature of this investment. He envisions the EOS EVM significantly boosting their operational capabilities, attracting more products and developers, and facilitating fluid asset movement across chains. This marks a pivotal phase in the development of the EOS DeFi ecosystem.

ENV’s Holistic Support

Yves La Rose of ENV underscores that their initiative extends beyond financial support. Their strategic vision aims to foster the creation of interconnected and user-friendly DeFi services. This approach will benefit the entire DeFi sector, driving growth and innovation.

This collaboration between ENV and NoahArk Tech Group is set to usher in a new era for EOS users. By 2024, the enhancements in the EOS DeFi ecosystem are expected to yield a more vibrant and efficient platform, benefiting developers and investors and the entire user community engaged in EOS-based DeFi activities.

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