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Musk admits that artificial intelligence (AI) could play a critical role in placing humans under strict control to guarantee world peace. 

AI Use to Guarantee Human Safety

Musk confesses that AI possesses good attributes contrary to the recent beliefs of regulators. He dismissed the usual destruction attribute of AI as a threat to social order. Instead, the Tesla Inc chief executive indicates that AI could assume a self-appointed role to become a global peacekeeper. 

Musk hypothesized that AI could prioritize guaranteeing human safety by exercising control over all computing and disabling all weapon systems deployed by various nations. 

AI Trading

In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Musk confessed that a practical solution to accomplishing world peace is eliminating all weapons from human reach. Its attainment would imply AI hindering access and usability of weapons. 

Contrary to the earlier criticism, Musk ruled out AI attempting to destroy all humanity. Nonetheless, he confessed that it may enforce strict controls over humans.

Musk Discloses Interest in AI as a Co-founder of OpenAI

Musk’s credit for AI is unsurprising given his recent revelation of his critical input to establish OpenAI. 

The SpaceX chief executive disclosed in a Tuesday, May 23 interview with CNBC that his investment, approximately $50 million, proved a critical seed capital for the Sam Altman-led OpenAI. 

He informed the CNBC interviewer David Faber that in December 2015, he co-founded the firm behind the popular ChatGPT alongside Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, John Schulman, and Wojciech Zaremba. Consequently, he leverages his point of knowledge to forecast and visualize future AI input in world peacekeeping. 

Musk Warns of AI-based Drone Wars

Musk warns that AI could become weak in perpetrating sinister roles in weapons technology. In particular, he expresses concern that AI could trigger Drone Wars among nations with advanced intelligence. 

The tech guru behind the Twitter Inc acquisition is concerned about AI abuse to execute misinformation and electoral interference.

 He reiterated that the stroke of a pen delivers mightier consequences than a drawn sword. As such, he demands caution in AI utilization in social media as it may manipulate and influence public opinion. He joked that a convenient solution would involve individuals verifying on Twitter.

OpenAI Executives Support Need for Heavy Regulation

A post coauthored by OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever alongside President Brockman and Altman echoed Musk’s vision for powerful AI. Altman in his recent London talk credited Musk for the impactful lesson on the essence of deep technology investing. 

The executives argued in their Wednesday, May 24 post warned that unless heavily regulated, AI would, in ten years, surpass 10x expert capabilities. 

OpenAI executives admit that AI would result in catastrophic scenarios without regulatory intervention. Altman admits the urgency to consider governing superintelligence. Doing so is a priority as AI systems would, in the future, surpass Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in capabilities. 

Musk waded into the AGI emergence, arguing that the next decade would see AI with the capability to learn and execute various intellectual tasks matching human level on the level of a human. 

Musk considers the present times as the Event Horizon approaching the black hole he identified as the social super intelligence in AGI. 

Musk Expresses Admiration of Dogecoin 

Musk is optimistic that a benign scenario is possible where all products’ costs plunge. He added that AI would likely usher in an abundance age, thus boosting access to goods and services. 

The stance adopted by Musk shows a mixed bag in support and warning of AI. He portrayed his affiliated beliefs in crypto. 

Musk responded in the affirmative that Dogecoin is his favorite crypto. He explained that the crypto is his favorite, given the presence of dogs. 

Nevertheless, Musk disclaimed that he is not advising parties to bet on Dogecoin. Shortly the automaker guru would later proclaim that, ironically, it would become the global currency. 

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