Elon Musk Confident Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Outperform Humans, Leaving Employment Obsolete
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Tesla chief executive Elon Musk declared that artificial intelligence (AI) is bound to outperform human engagement and make employment obsolete. 

Musk suggests that humans will struggle to find meaning in life as employment becomes obsolete. 

Elon Musk Predicts Artificial Intelligence Superiority over Humans

Musk reiterated his prophecy of doom, forecasting that humans should consider universal high income amid AI-driven displacement from the job market.  The global wealthiest man claims that without jobs, humans will lose their purpose in life and ultimately surrender to AI’s meaning. 

The bleak projection by the man steering the electric vehicles (EVs) maker arose when addressing the VivaTech 2024 held in Paris. Musk wound up the speech by making fervent statements to express fear that AI  will become the dominant provider of goods and services. 

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Musk ended the address by claiming that AI could outperform humans, thus relegating all towards supporting the machines.

The Twitter (presently X) owner indicates the primary question is whether robots and computers can better humans or whether life will have meaning. 

Nonetheless, the Space Link chief considers that humans’ role will center on the meaning of AI. 

Musk added that humans could still work, though, as a hobby. He portrayed a bleak future where AI supplants humans in all endeavors.

Artificial Intelligence to Outperform Humans

Meanwhile, Musk’s claims of artificial intelligence capability to outperform humans coincide with the news that his company, identified as xAI, secured $6 billion in funding. The funding round featured Lightspeed Venture Partners and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) alongside input from Sequoia Capital and Tribe Capital, lifting its valuation to $18 billion. 

A recent report captured Musk admitting that xAI trails the industry leaders. The artificial intelligence segment has seen Microsoft-backed OpenAI, the ChatGPT maker, emerge as the leader with the chasing pack comprising DeepMind, Meta, and Mistral AI. 

Elon Musk believes that xAI is bound to cut the gap by the end of 2024. He considers the xAI stuck in the infancy phase and has yet to match the competitiveness of Sam Altman-led OpenAI and Google DeepMind. 

Musk added that the company would likely catch up before the conclusion of 2024.

The optimistic prediction of xAI coincides with the prediction of humans trailing to AI capability, leaving employment obsolete by 2025.

Musk is optimistic that xAI will claim a part of entities creating AI that surpasses human-level cognition. 

Notably, Musk’s prediction for AI appears skewed. Previously, he promised in 2019 that Tesla would in 2020 have over 1 million autonomous robotaxis unveiled. 

Such remains a failed objective and was only revived recently when Tesla indicated it would unveil the pioneer robotaxi by August of this year. 

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