Elon Musk Bans Apple Devices, Citing Integration with OpenAI
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Tesla chief executive Elon Musk vowed to ban Apple devices following the tech giant announcing integration with OpenAI ChatGPT. The Twitter and SpaceX owners declared a move to prohibit entry into his companies with Apple devices, asserting they pose an unacceptable security vulnerability, as the US-based multinational indicated it would integrate OpenAI’s AI model. 

SpaceX Chief to Ban Apple Devices

The Tesla chief indicated that Apple cannot guarantee that the Sam Altman-led OpenAI will safeguard user data. The threat of banning Apple devices follows the news of Apple integrating ChatGPT into its product line. 

Musk shared an update on X following Apple’s Monday, June 10 announcement that his companies will ban Apple devices if the tech multinational integrates OpenAI’s AI at the operating system level. The ban will affect billions of devices, including iPhones, Macs, and iPads.

The Neuralink co-founder indicated that the policy prohibiting entry of Apple devices within the companies’ premises would extend to the guests.  He added that visitors will leave the Apple devices at the entry point for safe storage within the Faraday cage. 

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Musk expressed fears that other company executives cited in banning AI tools from the offices. Apple had imposed a blanket ban on employees to prevent them from using ChatGPT – the same model it did not tap to bolster the 13-year-old virtual assistant product, Siri. 

Tesla Chief Questions Privacy and Security in Apple-OpenAI Integration

A subsequent tweet by Musk questioned Apple’s move to partner with OpenAI. The global wealthiest individual proposed that Apple ought to have considered building an in-house generative AI model. 

Musk considered the move absurd as Apple could have made its own AI. He questioned how Apple would ensure OpenAI safeguards security and privacy. 

Apple revealed that Siri would seek users’ consent before connecting to OpenAI’s ChatGPT model. It assured that it would encrypt the implementation of the AI model to guarantee privacy and security, a move Musk expressed skepticism about. 

Musk indicated that Apple Inc. lacks clues on the subsequent events once it hands users’ data over to OpenAI. He likened the integration to selling the user down the river. 

Musk’s declaration to ban ChatGPT aligns with criticism from other organizations and similar prohibitions. The US House of Representatives 2023 banned staffers from utilizing ChatGPT, citing privacy concerns. Coincidentally, Samsung would also ban ChatGPT usage on the company systems, alleging vulnerability. 

Before the threat to Apple’s bank devices, Musk had not objected to big tech companies’ widespread integration of AI into their hardware and software lines. The billionaire hardly acted on AI integrations announced by Meta, Microsoft, and Google, particularly after unveiling a smartphone with in-depth AI integration.   

Elon Musk Bad-Blood with OpenAI

Musk’s aversion to the ChatGPT stems from the protracted bad blood with OpenAI. He spoke out against the Altman-led OpenAI despite taking credit for co-founding it in 2015 alongside Ilya Sutskever, Greg Brockman, and Andrej Karpathy. 

Musk indicated in May 2023 that he helped create OpenAI, and the AI giant would not exist without him. He recalled his instrumental efforts in helping recruit scientists and engineers, particularly Ilya Sutskever, who was considered the linchpin for the firm’s success.

In March this year, Musk leveled charges against OpenAI and its chief, alleging that the entity strays from humanitarian origin. The case seeks to compel OpenAI to uphold the founding agreement and devote itself to developing AGI that benefits humanity. 

Elon Musk indicated in the filing that there is a need to avert individual defendants from drawing personal benefits and company profits. OpenAI would publish internal emails in response to the lawsuit affirming Musk’s was inspired by profit. 

Musk rallied co-founders to commit more than $100M to avoid appearing hopeless in the allocation spent by Google and Facebook. He urged scaling to $1 billion funding and expressed willingness to settle the difference.  

Elon Musk unexpectedly submitted a request to withdraw the legal case before the California court. The filing by the attorneys representing the multi-billionaire seeks the termination of the months-old case though yet to disclose the reason. 

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