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DoorDash is confident that using artificial intelligence could improve earnings without compromising quality.

Today, DoorDash publicized the introduction of an artificial intelligence-powered voice ordering system that will boost restaurants’ revenues by ensuring all client calls are answered. In addition, the technology will offer customized recommendations to clients to increase each order’s value. 

DoorDash Ordering System Integrating AI-Powered Conversational Bots

The firm’s blog post reveals that the system combines AI conversational bots with live agents whose objective is to capture all phone order opportunities. This initiative has four objectives: facilitating cost-effective incremental sales, offering outstanding client experiences, alleviating heavy in-store labor, and easing merchant onboarding. 

AI Trading

DoorDash is not the initial fast food chain to embrace AI-aided ordering. A May report by Decrypt showed that Wendy’s had created an artificial intelligence drive-thru chatbot trained using Google’s natural language software. The bot pilot was launched at a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. 

DoorDash Leveraging Voice AI Trend

Despite Wendy’s move being the first in the industry, DoorDash seeks to leverage the voice AI trend. The firm mentions its 2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report, which shows that 20 percent of clients still choose to phone in their takeout orders. Nevertheless, DoorDash claims that restaurants mostly lose likely sales, with up to half of calls being unanswered during busy times.

Rajat Shroff, DoorDash’s Head of Product and Design, stated that supporting operators through capturing client demand via investments into the firm’s voice product is an excellent way of improving service delivery and promoting the growth of partners’ businesses. 

The firm’s new solution is considered a win-win, increasing restaurants’ revenues without compromising hospitality. The artificial intelligence chatbots will be responsible for taking orders, thus freeing workers to focus on providing excellent in-store service. Further, clients can benefit from faster call response times and customized order suggestions. 

Will Artificial Intelligence Popularity Threaten Jobs in Restaurant Industry?

As artificial intelligence acquires popularity in the restaurant industry, concerns have been raised concerning eliminating jobs. According to a recent study by Pew Research, most workers in the United States are apprehensive about the technology’s effect on employment. After all, it would be pointless to have a worker take orders when a robot can do the same tasks for free. 

Nonetheless, DoorDash believes that the voice ordering innovation is aimed at supporting restaurant activities rather than replacing human staff. The next time one craves a takeout, they should not be shocked when an AI robot handles their phone order. Besides, artificial intelligence chatbots are much lovelier and do not have to deal with bad days.

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