Delegate and LayerZero Collaborate on 'Clusters' Naming Protocol
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Key Insights:

  • Delegate and LayerZero’s Clusters offer a solution for consistent user identities across blockchains, addressing key interoperability challenges.
  • LayerZero’s messaging layer is essential to Clusters, ensuring smooth and accurate communication between diverse blockchain networks.
  • The upcoming airdrop of 12 million $ZRO tokens by LayerZero indicates momentum in their effort to enhance blockchain interconnectivity and user experience.

In a strategic move to enhance blockchain interoperability, infrastructure entities Delegate and LayerZero have unveiled a new naming protocol known as ‘Clusters.’ This innovative protocol aims to provide users with a consistent identity across numerous blockchain platforms, including but not limited to Ethereum, Solana, and various EVM-compatible chains. 

The introduction of Clusters represents a significant advancement in the realm of decentralized applications (dApps). By addressing the common challenge of address fragmentation, Clusters offers a solution that serves as a bridge across multiple blockchain ecosystems. Taking inspiration from the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Clusters extends its utility by natively supporting a wider range of blockchains. This innovative protocol ensures that users’ actions and preferences are synchronized across all integrated blockchains, streamlining the user experience. It aims to mitigate the complexities associated with managing multiple wallets and prevent domain squatting, ultimately enhancing the usability of blockchain applications.

LayerZero’s Integral Role

LayerZero’s contribution to the Clusters protocol is indispensable, acting as the core messaging layer that facilitates the accurate and efficient transmission of actions and state changes between blockchains. This capability is fundamental to the protocol’s ability to manage millions of names and billions of wallet addresses without compromising reliability. By enabling the fluid movement of value and information across blockchain borders, LayerZero’s technology is pivotal in maintaining the operational integrity of the Clusters naming system.

Delegate, known previously as Delegate Cash, brings its specialized knowledge in blockchain address management to the Clusters initiative. The project’s technology, which allows for delegating rights or responsibilities between wallets, is crucial in securing the Clusters protocol. With a track record of securing $993 million across 182,500 wallets and partnerships with leading NFT projects, Delegate’s involvement lends significant credibility and trust to the Clusters project.

AI Trading

Upcoming Token Airdrop

In line with the launch of Clusters, LayerZero has announced its plan to airdrop 12 million $ZRO tokens in the near future. These tokens, presently available through private sales, are priced between $2.35 and $4.50. The sales related to Series B have seen a 200 percent premium, indicating a buoyant investor interest in LayerZero’s initiatives and its promising outlook in the blockchain sector.

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