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The analysts who are working on the DeFiLlama project currently have a small scuffle on the matter of forking the protocol. This project is an analytics aggregator for various decentralized protocols such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, etc.

However, recent media reports have suggested that there is a conflict between the employees that are operating the platform. The conflict has erupted on account of a new governance proposal that asks for forking the protocol.

One pseudonymous worker of DeFiLlama has extended the accusations to the founders of the project for issuing new network tokens without community support. They have claimed that the recent token set to make a launch has not gathered proper support from the community voters.

0xngmi has also purported that this token does not represent the interests of the DeFiLlama community. They have posted the comments on Twitter. They have also verified by on-chain data that their account has not been hacked and claimed that the DeFiLlama community wishes to abstain from this new token project.

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Internal Conflict

The creation of the decentralized finance sector does not imply that there are not going to be any conflicts. It entails that the new projects that are launched by the project will have democratic support on its back.

However, the recent conflict of DeFiLlama indicates that there is some room for improvement. Recently, DeFiLlama’s official account posted about a new token Airdrop to celebrate its $5 billion trading volume mark.

However, two DeFiLlama contributors have reported that the new token was against the vote of a majority of the community members. Meanwhile, 0xngmi has reported on their Twitter account that the person who is pushing for the new token project is in charge of the official website and official Twitter account of DeFiLlama.

Another Llama Corp contributor, Tendeeno, has claimed that there is a single person who has been planning to launch the LLAMA token project without the approval of any other community member.

At present, several community members at DeFiLlama have pointed out a rouge member who has been pushing to launch the LLAMA token. 0xngmi is also one of the top community contributors at DeFiLlama, and they have reported that these latest changes are not approved by the rest of the stakeholders.

Other top GitHub contributors like him have also reiterated the same message from 0xngmi to ensure that they are not making any progress.

These contributors have reported that the social media accounts have gone rogue, including the Telegram plugin. They have reported that they are under a hostile takeover, and the threat actors are collecting their IP addresses. The founders of the project, namely Charlie Watkins and Ben Hauser, have, thus far, kept low profiles while most community contributors operate using pseudonymous identities.

However, the company has announced the launch of a new official website called DLNews amidst this havoc. Meanwhile, the forked platform hosted by 0xngmi is operating under Llama. fi.

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