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1754 Factory acknowledged suffering distressed loans within the debt pool it plays the originator role. The originator revealed plans to liquidate assets off-chain and renegotiate repayments with the defaulters.

Distressed Debt Evident in Centrifuge Loan Dashboard

An assessment by blockchain-based credit analytics revealed a $5.8 million loan default within two lending groups on the decentralized protocol Centrifuge. The evaluation showed that distressed debt comprising invoice, consumer loans, and trade receivables financing as portrayed by the Centrifuge loan dashboard.

Centrifuge protocol involves a credit marketplace run by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The protocol convenes lenders and borrowers who leverage blockchain tech and DeFi.

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The presence of asset originators translates the conventional non-crypto assets, including invoices, mortgages, and trade credit, into NFTs. The originators could utilize the converted NFTs as collateral to secure the accredited investors’ financing for an interest.

Centrifuge lending protocol has realized increased activity in becoming a leading blockchain-based asset platform, with the total value locked estimated at $130 million. Centrifuge admitted the defaulted debt though the protocol’s representatives ruled out holding conversations with asset originators and investors.

Extreme Loan Distress in 1754 Factory-led Pool

The unsettled loans on the Centrifuge protocol are unique from other debt-ridden lending platforms since they are projected to separate the crypto market meltdown. In particular, rival protocols, including TrueFi and Maple, suffered bad debt in 2022 for reliance on digital asset traders and market makers. The participants borrowed cryptos without presenting minimal collateral when financing their operations.

The crypto market turmoil witnessed in 2022 caused high-profile casualties, including 3AC, FTX, Genesis, and Alameda Research. Several renowned borrowers turned insolvent after a series of defaulted loans.

Assessment of the Centrifuge protocol revealed that the lending pool portraying extreme distress led to the 1754 Factory. The originator would purchase bonds collateralized by microloans and short-term capital advances to customers in France utilizing the Bling fintech apps.

The assessment by indicated that 16 active loans accumulated $5.1 million, with loans with a lapsed deadline of 150 days. The firm revealed that the pool would unwind the pool to allow investors to redeem it in the future.

Centrifuge’s Loans Approaching Distress Levels

Further assessment demonstrated that another pool featured an Alternative Payments firm, which advanced loans against invoices and accounts receivable. The scrutiny has $650000 loans that missed repayments from the $6.4 million loan book.

Subsequent analysis completed by on the Centrifuge dashboard indicates $3.3 million in loans within the REIF pool. The pool specializes in advancing capital to borrowers within real estate mortgages. Nonetheless, REIF Financial Investments ruled out default. It clarified that all loans advanced towards commercial-oriented real estate acquisitions have an optional extension period of 12 months. It confirmed directing Centrifuge to update the loan dashboard to eliminate default indications.

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