Tuesday, May 11, 2021

David Schwartz Admits There Were Robustness Issues with XRP Ledger

The CTO at Ripple David Schwartz has recently admitted that the Robustness issues that were recently notified by Tiffany Hayden really existed in XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Some hours ago, Tiffany Hayden, an obvious and passionate Ripple endorser, reported that XRPL transactions were almost halted.

According to her observation, such a scenario may have been initiated by “not decentralized or sustainable” nature of XRPL network performance. She also added that the whole network has one point of failure badly affected by a human factor.

Tiffany Hayden wrote this, “A spam attack almost took down the XRPL.”

Her claim was, however, met with criticism from another XRP enthusiast, identified on Twitter as XRPeuphoria. He displayed his discontentment in her comments and the manner in which she normally apportions flaws to XRP’s functionality.

“My biggest concern with Tiff is that she has inside connections to Ripple. What does she know that we don’t? Why incessantly point to XRP’s flaws when her beau’s livelihood depends on its success? If she were wrong, wouldn’t he set her straight? Thoughts?” XRPeuphoria responded.

Ripple CTO Defends with Tiffany Hayden

At this point, the CTO at Ripple, David Schwartz came in defense of Tiffany Hayden by questioning the manner of approach displayed by XRPeuphoria.

David Schwartz said, “A real man should be about to set his woman straight?”

In a bid to prove his point further, XRPeuphoria said, “It isn’t a mere matter of opinion. She is saying that the limited validators nearly caused the XRPL to fail (either true or it isn’t). I’m not saying he force his view on her…but if someone of her knowledge hasn’t been convinced by Nick that she’s wrong, then she may be right.”

In response to XRPeuphoria’s assertion, Ripple CTO David Schwartz admitted that the actual design of the network has some robustness issues, which is unusual for the vast majority of blockchains, but he has a plan to redevelop it and already made suggestions “a few months ago.”

“The robustness improvement changes I suggested a few months ago will increase the safety mergin significantly. This is about the XRPL’s ability to resist halting. The current design trades off robustness for safety, the reverse of what most blockchains do,” David Schwartz clarified.

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