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David Burkett Reveals the Release Date of MimbleWimble Testnet, Charlie Lee Reacts

Crypto-anarchist and Grin developer, David Burkett, who has been the evangelist of the MimbleWimble privacy protocol, has recently published the monthly update, which contains the roadmap for quarter 2 to quarter 3 of 2020, revealing the date of the testnet launch.

Burkett published the update on litecointalk.com and shared it with the Litecoin community via his Twitter handle a couple of hours ago.

Going by Burkett’s update, he has finished the implementation of MimbleWimble blocks logic. He has also started work on the mempool logic, which is seen as one of the most significant steps towards the integration of MimbleWimble into the Litecoin (LTC) network.

David Burkett shared this, “May Progress Update: Blocks with mimblewimble transactions can now be attached to the chain. Work has started on the mempool logic. Tentative plan shared for the remainder of the work necessary to launch the testnet.”

Burkett stated that the protocol will start mining valid chains with MimbleWimble blocks in June 2020, to assure the integrity of blockchain operations.

In July 2020, he said,

“Initial block download. The way initial block download is handled in mimblewimble is quite a bit different than how litecoin does it. In LTC, every single block from the genesis block is downloaded and validated in order.

“With mimblewimble, we don’t need the whole history, but instead only parts of each transaction, and all of the unspent outputs. I’ll need to find a way to make those two very different syncing approaches work smoothly together.”

Conclusively, he said testnet activation logic and the launch of the first MimbleWimble testnet will take place in September after some final tunings in August.

Charles Lee Reacts to the Development

The creator of Litecoin (LTC), Charlie Lee, welcomed the progress of MimbleWimble implementation while reacting to the update shared by David Burkett on Twitter.

In his reaction, he mentioned the fund in LTC received so far to aid the development. He thanked everyone that has donated to support the development.

Charlie Lee wrote,

“David Burkett is making good progress on MimbleWimble on Litecoin. For the CT fund, we’ve received 100 LTC last month which I’ve matched with another 100 LTC! We are a bit over halfway to our goal. Thanks to everyone that has donated.”

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