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Key Insights:

  • Dash blockchain experiences temporary suspension and block production halt while activating the Dash Core v19 hard fork.
  • ChainLock and InstantSend lock features were disabled temporarily, highlighting the importance of enhanced security measures.
  • Dash Core v19 update release delayed but aims to resolve chain stalls and bugs, scheduled for June 14.

On Monday, May 22nd, the Dash blockchain experienced a temporary suspension of new transaction processing and block production as it activated its Dash Core v19 hard fork. Samuel Westrich, the Chief Technical Officer of Dash, made the official announcement regarding this situation through his verified Twitter account.

Samuel conveyed the issue, stating, “During the activation of Dash Core v19, we encountered a problem that has resulted in the chain being stalled and unable to produce blocks. Our team is diligently investigating the matter, and I will provide further updates via Twitter as we gather more information.”

While the Dash blockchain remained inaccessible, the Dash developers also issued a warning regarding the ChainLock and InstantSend lock features, which were temporarily disabled. These features are specifically designed for enhanced security within the Dash blockchain network.

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Dash Core Developer Pasta Ensures Fix

To address the problem, Pasta, a Dash Core developer, promptly communicated that the root cause had been identified, and efforts were underway to implement a solution. Pasta explained, “We are currently exploring two potential options and the entire team is fully committed to resolving this issue as quickly as possible.” Additionally, he mentioned that their primary focus is on resolving the problem, even if it means delaying the release of the latest Dash Core client update, v19.

Furthermore, Pasta emphasized that blocks and transactions within the network will be considered final once the update is deployed. Subsequently, Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, responded to these developments by announcing the suspension of mining rewards distribution from their DASH mining pool until the Dash blockchain resumes its average block production.

Last month, precisely on April 10, an announcement was made regarding a hard fork aimed at enhancing the security of the Dash network by incorporating BLS signatures and implementing a high-performance controller node system. Additionally, plans were made to introduce improvements to the wallet and other aspects.

Preparing for the Big Bug-Fixing Update

According to the official description provided for the v19.1.0 release, the upcoming update is set to address and resolve various bugs. However, the release has been delayed and is now scheduled for June 14. A core developer known as Pasta emphasized that this release is expected to resolve any chain stalls occurring once a sufficient number of masternodes and miners have upgraded. It is essential to note the known issues in the release announcement and be prepared for a potential reindexing process.

During the previous updates under version 18, the Dash blockchain encountered similar obstacles. Following the implementation of the v18 update in September 2022, the Dash blockchain was eventually upgraded in January. This upgrade became necessary due to an attempted hack that resulted in the offline status of some masternodes.

As previously mentioned, activating the v19 version will introduce Dash Masternodes. These specialized nodes serve as hosts for complete blockchain copies while fulfilling complex functions within the Dash network. Furthermore, they possess significant collateral requirements to operate effectively.

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