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In recent days, a great dispute has emerged in the political sector of Paraguay due to cryptocurrency adoption.

The matter has resulted in making two groups in Paraguay, where one side is supporting cryptocurrencies while the other is opposing them.

The Crypto Bill Faced Presidential Veto

Just recently, a cryptocurrency bill had been presented at the Paraguayan Senate seeking approval. Once approved, necessary amendments would be made to the national laws to make room for cryptocurrency usage and regulation.

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However, the presidential veto fully opposed the idea of approving the law, greatly impacting the status of cryptocurrencies in the country.

According to the Paraguayan President, cryptocurrency adoption would invoke great problems for the country in the long run.

The major cause of rejection by the President was the energy crisis that the country may face if it continues with mining activities for cryptocurrencies.

Paraguayan Senate is Opposing the Presidential Veto

While the Paraguayan President has his own reasons and logic to reject the crypto bill, the Paraguayan Senate has its own reasons to oppose the veto.

A fight is now going on between the Paraguayan Senate and the President in regards to the passing of the bill for cryptocurrencies.

A complete veto action was exerted by the President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo over the cryptocurrency bill. It was the very beginning of September 2022 when the President went against the bill.

He is in complete denial of the new bill and would not support it no matter what. Turns out, he has strong reasons to deny it that are for the well-being of the country in the long run.

On the other hand, the Senate has a mind of its own and it is now opposing Mario Abdo. For the Senate, it is important and highly significant to support the bill and they have confirmed that they will fight to the last minute for the bill.

Argument by the Senators

According to the Senators, the reason they are rejecting the Presidential decision is that they foresee growth and success if they stick with cryptocurrencies.

The approval of the cryptocurrency bill would bring many benefits to the state and put them on the cryptocurrency map.

The Senators stated that they are also aiming to adopt major cryptocurrency mining projects letting the cryptocurrency miners operate in the country.

This would be a huge opportunity for their country to deal with the ongoing economic crisis.

Tax Implementation on Cryptocurrencies

The Senators stressed that it is important they adopt cryptocurrencies and legalize their usage. This way, they would be able to implement taxes on cryptocurrencies that could help the country generate huge revenues.

While the President continues rejecting the new bill, a total of 33 senators are opposing the decision, aiming to legalize cryptocurrencies in the country.

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