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Leather_Opposite2135, a self-proclaimed cryptocurrency investor and dad of two, is problematic. After clandestinely accumulating $180,000 of debt from his crypto trading, he is in danger of losing his family forever.

On Tuesday, the user shared his story on the r/relationship advice subreddit. In 2021, he began his crypto trading journey, but now, two years later, he has been evicted by his wife, and he’s deep in debt.

The Ruins From A Few Exploratory Steps

Leather commented that it began with just a few exploratory steps. “The tech sector had me captivated,” he said. “So, I joined several digital platforms (like Discord) and started to observe some individuals trading Bitcoin and was immediately attracted.”

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Within twelve months, Leather had “frittered away” $50,000 of his software business funds on cryptocurrency trading. He said that after that time, his compulsion had taken over, and he started to use other sources, such as personal loans and credit cards, to finance his trading.

“It’s not uncommon,” he noted, “to find ways to keep trading, even if it means getting loans, credit cards, and not being honest about it.” Leather stated further:

“I acknowledged to my wife about three weeks ago that I had been betting on my phone while I went to the lavatory when the children were asleep and on my laptop when I was less busy with my job. She reacted negatively to this disclosure, suggesting that she would leave me and take possession of our dwelling.”

He has since forbidden himself from engaging in cryptocurrency, relinquished control of his trading accounts to his partner, and has regularly consulted with a specialist in gambling addiction. However, he admitted it was difficult to break the habit initially.

He confessed that emotionally he was in a chaotic state for the initial fourteen days of his self-imposed exile. Cutting himself off from something he had devoted a minimum of ten hours daily was tough.

He constantly battled his inner voice urging him to check the market charts. This post, which Leather_Opposite2135 has since removed on Reddit, is one of many that illustrate the potential risks of becoming addicted to cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto Trading Addiction: Rehab Facilities Now Offering Treatment for Impulsive Issues

Rehabilitation facilities everywhere include crypto trading addiction among care options to assist people with impulsive issues, such as alcohol, drugs, and mental health. Dr. Anastasia Hronis, a clinical psychologist, commented in an email, saying, “from a clinical standpoint, we have certainly noticed an upsurge in people seeking therapy with issues controlling their crypto trading activities,”

Dr. Hronis remarked that, much like gambling, crypto trading could be disruptive, with people spending significant time and energy preoccupied with it and perhaps even facing financial hardship due to their activities. A person can continue to lead a typical life by going to work, interacting with family and friends, and pursuing hobbies, even though they are engaging in crypto trading at the same time.

This could cause the addiction to become severe before anyone else notices. Recently, the treatment of crypto trading addictions has been on the rise.

Although the core principles of addiction treatment can be utilized, there is a need to comprehend the intricate details of crypto trading to provide accurate clinical treatments. This is the opinion of Dr. Hronis.

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