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Crypto tourism provides individuals with a pre-packaged vacation which they can pay for using digital currencies. Also, crypto tourism can include symposiums or speeches about cryptocurrency.

From 2018 to 2019, several tour firms unveiled special vacation packages to attract crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. Most of the packages included cruises with different perks for crypto users.

For example, CoinsBank, a crypto wallet firm based in Scotland, organized four major crypto tourism cruises. Their last voyage was a tour of Europe in 2019.

The event, which had about 2500 participants, saw the individuals travel through the Mediterranean Sea on a five-day cruise. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a pause on all travel, including crypto tourism.

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Other forms of crypto tourism include vacationers who fund their travels using digital currencies. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand and Queensland tourism firms provided trip packages that customers could pay for using crypto.

In addition, countries such as the Caribbean, Cyprus, and Grenada welcome tourists who want to use crypto for payments. Globally, some regulators have greenlighted the usage of crypto for payment payments.

Meanwhile, the main targets of such crypto excursions are crypto-rich individuals (those with lots of crypto assets). Meanwhile, those interested in crypto can also go on crypto tourism trips once they can fund their vacations with cryptos.

Generally, crypto cruises and tours feature exhibitions and meetings. There are also breakout sessions on crypto-related topics and various fun activities.

Such conferences have enticed prominent speakers in the blockchain and crypto space. For example, CoinsBank’s 2019 cruise had popular names like John McAfee and crypto investors Vitaly Andrusevich and Roger Ver of CoinsBank.

Meanwhile, such crypto tours aim to attract those interested in crypto investment. Some tour organizers also use it to promote ICOs (initial coin offerings) of various crypto firms.

Crypto In Tourism

There are several ways through which crypto can be used in tourism. Firstly, individuals can use crypto as a payment method for services such as meals, accommodation, or even air tickets in some cases.

Additionally, crypto experts can hold seminars and talks in tourist-oriented events like cruises. This would make such a cruise a Crypto Tourism cruise where experts present workshops and speeches to tourists about blockchain and crypto.

Crypto tourism programs are becoming a trend that unites individuals of like minds. It also promotes crypto-based businesses. Moreover, nations can use crypto spending to entice more tourists to visit them now that the lockdown is over.

Furthermore, Crypto tourism is a way for individuals to learn more about the crypto sector. However, people must do their due diligence before participating in crypto tours.

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