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In the current times, women still do not possess conventional assets because they lack wider adoption. However, that is not the case with cryptocurrency, as mentioned in a report published by eToro. The report was entitled “Retail Investor Beat”. In that report, the platform noted that crypto assets occupy the top 2nd spot in the list of assets being owned by women, coming only after cash.

Crypto Becomes the 2nd Most Favorite Asset for Women Investors

Crypto went through its worst time in 2022. Notwithstanding the decline in the market performance, worldwide ownership went up from 36% level to 39% just in one quarter. Crypto adoption witnessed considerable advancement in the case of women. The report indicates that crypto ownership among women increased from 29% (as of 2022’s 3rd-quarter) to 34% (witnessed in 2022’s last quarter).

This signifies that women have prioritized investing in crypto assets as compared to investments in conventional financial assets. The team of eToro conducted a survey comprising 10,000 worldwide retail investors across 13 diverse countries. After the accomplishment of the survey, the findings were noted down in the report. The survey additionally found out that women are more prone to hold crypto assets for a long.

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On the other hand, men scarcely amplified their ownership of crypto assets. Just a 1% increase took place in crypto ownership by males during the above-mentioned period. The mounting ownership of digital assets by women reveals that conventional financial markets remained unsuccessful to grasp women’s attention. The people who intend to invest in crypto assets are chiefly focused on obtaining greater returns in lesser time.

A few have additionally shown a belief and faith in blockchain technology’s potential. They consider that this technology can turn out to be an asset class that can transform the future of finance. Those who were shy about investing in crypto were greatly fearful of deciding due to the volatility and risks associated with this industry. A few were those who pointed toward the regulatory uncertainty to be the cause keeping them from making the crypto investment.

The data additionally discloses that in addition to women (who take more risk to advance the digital-asset sector), the other investors are also crypto enthusiasts. Older depositors have additionally displayed substantial interest in purchasing crypto assets when the market is in its lower phase. The report clarifies that crypto investors aged from 35 to 54 have witnessed a 5% increase.

This highlights the growing crypto interest among older investors. In addition to retail investors, businesses are also raising their crypto endeavors. Several businesses have in advance begun paying great attention to crypto investments. In this regard, CasperLabs (a blockchain platform) and Zogby Analytics collaboratively published a report.

The respective report specifically targeted the business projects’ interest in blockchain technology. The survey took into account nearly 600 corporate decision-makers across the United States, China, and the United Kingdom.

Survey Indicates Chinese Business Investors Express Intention to Invest in Crypto

In the findings, it was revealed that business projects are gradually increasing their blockchain-related investments apart from retail investors. Nearly eighty-seven percent of the surveyed institutions stated that they had a strategy to carry out blockchain investment in the upcoming year. Among the surveyed nations, China was prominent as more than 50% of the respondents from the country expressed interest in blockchain investments.

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