As the World Cup ends, there is no need for the celebration to halt, especially not on 1xBit, where online crypto gambling thrives.

1xBit has announced a new tournament, the Big Leagues Streak. The new tournament is set to reward interested players with a 250 mBTC prize fund. So, join the race, and you may end up as a winner! 

How the Tournament Works 

The American sports leagues matches are one of the most fantastic sports events in the world, not only because of the thrilling suspense but also sportsmanship on display. 1xBit wants you to taste a piece of this pie through the Big Leagues Streak tournament, where every available player on 1xBit can bet on any NHL, NFL and NBA matches.

The goal is to bet on these leagues, and players with the longest win streak will be selected and rewarded accordingly.

The NHL, NFL and NBA are the biggest American leagues. This means that there are plenty of matches to bet on, so your chances of winning get higher. So the question in your mind should be how to join this tournament and become a winner.

All registered members on 1xBit are qualified to join the tournament; however, if you are new to the crypto gambling platform, you can quickly become a member by registering on the website with your email address and password. Once you are logged into your account, you can officially join the Big Leagues Streak tournament by going to the offer page.

Schedule and Available Prizes to Be Won

The 2023 playoffs for the NHL, NFL and NBA are around the corner, so 1xBit has allowed everyone to accumulate more wins before the playoffs. The Big Leagues Streak tournament started on the 20th of December, 2022.

As a participant in the ongoing tournament, you can place bets on the upcoming games in the big American leagues and gather high winning streaks before the 10th of January 2023, when 1xBit will wrap the tournament, and the winners will be announced.

As stated earlier, the players with the longest winning streaks will be rewarded as winners. 1xBit will reward as many as 15 players with varying prizes based on their positions (the winner with the most winning streaks gets the highest prize).

The first, second, third and fourth place winners will be rewarded with 60, 45, 30 and 25 mBTC. The remainder of the 250 mBTC will then be shared by the other 11 winners based on their positions.

The Benefits That Come With Using 1xBit

Apart from the Big Leagues Streak tournament, 1xBit is always finding new ways for members to enter a challenge and increase their earnings. The online sportsbook is home to bonuses, tournaments, a huge sportsbook (including all major and minor sports leagues) and the highest odds.

1xBit welcomes new members and has a reward policy of dishing out up to 7 BTC Welcome Bonus for the first four deposits. 

Over 40 cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn or deposited on 1xBit. This great feature cannot be seen anywhere else except on this crypto-betting site, where payouts are also instant, and no one is charged for any transaction.


The Big Leagues Streak tournament is on 1xBit; you should make the most of it by checking out the best games to bet on! 

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