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In a recent statement, Alibaba Cloud unveiled the 12VGen-XL video tool powered by artificial intelligence. The model is capable of visualizing, training, and sampling. Besides, it can join the training, reaching inferences and acceleration. 

Alibaba Cloud is a fully owned subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate Alibaba Group that has, in recent product releases, affirmed its position among the world leaders in cloud computing. The tech company launched the 12VGen-XL, an advanced text-to-video system intended to rival top-of-line tools unveiled by Pika Labs and Stability AI. 

12VGen-XL Model Reignites US-China AI Arms Race

The entity indicated the model release comes a month following the publication of its research paper in November. 12VGen-XL utilizes a unique design that leverages cascaded diffusion models. 

The published paper explains that it deploys sophisticated AI techniques to guarantee that the videos generated are visually impressive, contextually coherent, and semantically accurate.

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The model operates on a two-phase process. The base stage is oriented towards guaranteeing coherence within the input text and images. The refinement stage targets enhancing video details and resolution to realize the 1280×720 pixels.

The technique mirrors that deployed in generating images with the SDXL. Unlike SD 2.1 and 1.5, which utilized a single model, Stability has recently developed two unique models – base and refiner. The two mandate integration to yield the optimum quality images. 

Alibaba Cloud indicated that the model’s training utilizes an extensive dataset estimating over 35 million text-to-video pairs. It also included text-to-image pairs estimated at 6 billion. The vast dataset seeks to guarantee the 12VGen-XL’s versatility and accuracy when utilized in varying scenarios and subjects.

The release of 12VGen-XL coincides with a period when the global tech landscape is treated to a tense US-China rivalry. The two global giants have imposed various trade restrictions.

China has resorted to technological self-reliance, which is realizable through the input of tech companies such as Alibaba. Consequently, the unveiling of 12VGen-XL by Alibaba is strategic and timely for China. 

The latest innovation by Alibaba is hardly an isolated development but constitutes part of the established narrative on tech rivalry. The US imposed restrictions to hamper chip exports, prompting China to respond with several countermeasures. 

The see-saw contest only fuels the accelerated race for artificial intelligence supremacy. The tense environment is spurring multiple advancements within the indigenous technologies as each nation eyes cementing its leadership in 5G innovation, semiconductor technology, and AI.  

I2VGen-XL differs with other notable advancements including the Pika Labs’ model and Stable Video Diffusion. It portrays uniqueness through high semantic accuracy.

A recent illustration involving the HiGen difussion model integrated with I2VGen-XL yields a superior frame and temporal consistency improvement, unlike when HiGen is deployed alone.

Launching the I2VGen-XL model is a critical milestone in its push to cement its position within the AI landscape. It offers alternatives to the models banned and inaccessible to Chinese users. Also, it offers a critical reprieve for Chinese users concerned about future restrictions that the Chinese and US governments would impose.  

Alibaba’s Scope Extending Beyond E-Commerce

Over the years, Alibaba has nurtured critical input in emerging technologies that eased onboarding to AI, digital currencies, metaverse, and software development. The tech company is expanding its scope in AI-driven animation featuring the sI2VGen-XL and Animate Anyone model. 

The Animate Anyone model transforms static images into dynamic animations. Its accomplishment utilizes a novel framework identified as ReferenceNet. Besides, integrating sophisticated difficusion models realizes temporally stable and visually consistent videos.

Alibaba Cloud announced an alliance with Avalanche to unveil the Cloudverse platform. The new technology seeks to deliver a seamless pathway for businesses to create and sustain digital universes.

Besides Avalanche, the strategic alliance features Metaverse Universal Assets DAO, underscoring Alibab’s collaborative priorities in delivering middleware solutions. The alliance portrays increased interest in Alibaba’s push to harness Web3 technologies. 

A recent insight by Jack Ma on digital currencies illustrated Alibaba’s keen interest in future global finance. The advocacy by the Alibaba Group founder illustrates a transformative role that the tech giant targets in digital currencies’ resolve to establish the new financial system. The insight aligns with the prevailing trend towards digitizing finance. 

Ma’s insight portrays a shift from the crypto-skeptic stance he previously held. The shift traces to Alibaba unveiling the Blockchain-as-a-Service business in the mid-2018 crypto winter. 

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