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Coinbase, a centralized crypto exchange, revealed that the popular artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT, does not possess the accuracy requirements to feature in its security review integration. According to the report, Coinbase alleged that ChatGPT gave inaccurate and inconsistent responses and also tagged five different high-risk tokens as low-risk during a security test. 

During the security review, the exchange used the AI machine to test the security standards of 20 unlabelled ERT-20 tokens. The tests’ results revealed that ChatGBT possessed an excellent potential to process smart contract risks swiftly. However, the AI lacks the needed accuracy, and it gives inconsistent results, as reported by the exchange.

After the security team at Coinbase manually reviewed the test result from ChatGPT, they discovered that it gave wrong answers for eight of the 20 tokens tested. In addition, it labeled five tokens that have high-risk levels as low-level risk tokens. Hence, it underestimated the risk tickets the tokens, an error that can be highly detrimental.

In addition, the security team revealed that they had initially taught the AI machine the format for conducting the security analysis. Furthermore, due to the errors detected, they concluded that ChatGBT could not execute vigorous security computation.

Also, they added that the AI gave different answers when asked the same question multiple times. More so, they revealed that it could not logically function. Instead, it processes tasks based on the comments programmed into its code.

The ChatGBT: A Powerful, Fast-rising AI Machine 

Nonetheless, the analysis was just one of the numerous tasks the ChatGBT AI machine can perform. The machine rose to stardom earlier this year when it was first released. It has a newly released version called ChatGPT-4. The AI project became popular as it gives close-to-human answers and also passed numerous significant tests in the past. It performs a won’t range of tasks, including technical writing, analysis, and coding, amongst others.

AI Trading

Recently, it conducted an analysis of Ethereum smart contracts where it identified vulnerable bugs in the network’s code. Despite Cojnbase’s negative feedback, many crypto developers consider it a great help executing their tasks.

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