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Charles Hoskinson – the CEO and co-founder of Input Output Global (the blockchain tech entity responsible for developing Cardano) – has shared an exclusive news. As per him, the top healthcare center – which is being developed by him in the US state Wyoming-based Gillette – will witness a major initiative. Hoskinson Health & Wellness Clinic mentions that its chief target is to prevent avoidable diseases from spreading in the beginning.

Hoskinson Health and Wellness Clinic to Accept ADA in Payments

Back in September 2022, Wyoming Public Media published a report presenting the views of Dennis Jack who serves as Hoskinson Health and Wellness Clinic’s Director of Operations. As per the report, the executive stated that their focus will not be on the presented problem but on the entire body review. This would assist them to understand the possible causes behind any disease. With a complete review, he added, they would spread the health span of the patients.

The executive mentioned that the patients would subsequently be in control of the things that happen to them. Along with this, Jack disclosed that the patients’ abilities would also get expanded. As the executive puts it, continuous research is being carried out in parallel aiming at providing adequate and comforting solutions to problems. In this respect, they are paying considerable attention to nutrition also.

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Keeping these things in view, some exclusive and beneficial combinations of supplements, exercise, diet, and medication would be suitable to assist the patients to grow their span of health. The executive is of the view that with the assistance taken from the above-mentioned things, they would have the ability to take the idea to other locations.

The report additionally revealed that the major role is being played by Charles Hoskinson, Dr. William Hoskinson, and their father Dr. Mark Hoskinsons in the establishment of the respective project. Most recently, the executive of IOG shared a Twitter post stating that the project will be srated in the next month of February. The initial plan was to completely open the project in 2022’s December.

Hoskinson Confronts ‘Black Swan’ Author on Insulting Lex Friedman

Notably, the center will accept payments made in ADA (the native token of the Cardano platform). A few days back, on the 2nd of January, Hoskinson expressed his point of view about the “Black Swan” author named Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The author is a mathematical statistician, scholar, and essayist of Lebanese-American origin. He has also been serving as a quantitative trader formerly.

The author is famous for his expertise in the fields of uncertainty and probability. On the 31st of December the previous year, Lex Friedman (a well-known MIT AI Researcher), known for hosting the famous “Lex Friedman Podcast,” shared a series of books that are included in his plan of reading in the present year weekly. On the other day, Taleb determined to begin 2023 by targeting the credibility of Friedman.

Taleb shared with his up to 938K followers on Twitter that from 2019 to 2022 he had rejected precisely ten requests to be on the podcast hosted by Friedman. He justified his stance by saying that he thinks that Friedman is a shallow, overactive, and vapid poseur and tried to inflate his scientific picture.

As per the author, Friedman attempts to pretend that he is a research scientist from MIT who reads as well as understands a book in one week. Such an unjustified attack on the MIT researcher enraged the IOG CEO and he labeled Taleb as arrogant. He additionally noted that Lex was among the humble, intellectually curious, as well as smartest people.

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