Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Charles Hoskinson: We Will Stay If Cardano Community Wants Us to Stay

The CEO of IOHK Charles Hoskinson has reacted to the negative comments from some Cardano community members after the transmission of his 30 minutes video a couple of hours ago.

In a thread of tweets, he displayed his discontentment in the reactions that followed the video he specifically made to explain the commitment of IOHK in delivering as planned.

In the tweets, he also pointed out that IOHK will come out with scope for another 3-5 years at the end of the year.

He, however, clarified that the cooperation and the interest of the Cardano community are needed to make this happen. He said, “We will stay if the community wants us to stay. We will leave if they don’t want us there anymore and decide to move in a different direction.”

Read the full statement as shared by Charles Hoskinson below:

I make a video about scoping and commitments explaining what we are going to deliver prior to bidding for the NEXT contract and somehow this is spun to Charles and IOHK are leaving Cardano!? The Internet gives me cancer. We are delivering the best Cryptocurrency period.

The entire point of Voltaire is to put the community in charge of the future direction, what is commercially critical, the roadmap, and who gets to build it. Isn’t this the entire point of Cryptocurrencies? Aren’t we supposed to decentralize and have no one in charge?

We are going to bid out another 3-5 years with a huge scope at the end of the Year. We will stay if the community wants us to stay. We will leave if they don’t want us there anymore and decide to move in a different direction. This is the entire point of decentralization (Bonus).

IOHK Hints That Byron Reboot Will Come This Week

IOHK has some hours ago hinted at the fast-approaching Byron reboot. According to the broadcast, the reboot will come this week.

IOHK shared this, “It’s Byron reboot week, as we start rolling out a ground-up rewrite of Cardano. It’s a major milestone and the result of 18+ months of development work…”

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