Thursday, May 13, 2021

Charles Hoskinson Replies a Troll that Says Shelley Won’t Be Launched In 2020

The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, who also co-founded Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH), has some hours ago replied a troll that claimed Shelley will not be launched in 2020, contrary to the stance of the CEO.

IOHK, the team behind development in Cardano (ADA), headed by Charles Hoskinson, is earnestly working towards the eventual realization of a fully decentralized Cardano network, through Shelley.

This earnest work comes with a promise reiterated by Hoskinson in many of his podcasts conducted and tweets shared, assuring that the launch of Shelley will play out this year.

Also, the Cardano community members have lone-awaited the emergence of a completely decentralized era in the Cardano ecosystem.

Charles Hoskinson Replies a Troll that Challenged His Integrity

Charles Hoskinson has always been transparent and has not failed to carry the community that cherishes his effort along on the road to Shelley mainnet.

Lots of podcasts had been conducted, coupled with countless tweets purposely shared to assure the Cardano community members that the launch of Shelley will go as promised.

However, despite all these efforts put in place by IOHK, some stern doubters are still out there. One of the doubters recently showed a face with a tweet that cast doubt on the assurance of the launch of Shelley in 2020.

In the tweet, he said he had concealed his comment for Cardano (ADA) a long time ago because he respects Charles Hoskinson, the leader of IOHK. He further assured that Shelley won’t be launched in 2020.

He wrote:

“I decided not to present my bear case for Cardano. Mostly because I still respect and like the involved individuals. Including Charles Hoskinson, the guy is amazing in marketing and talking. Although Shelly won’t be released in 2020 and I’m ready to bet 100 ETH on it”

In response to his assertion, Hoskinson questioned his confidence in what he’s ready to bet on, and also questioned his sanity jokingly.

“Shelley won’t be released in 2020? What drugs are you smoking? I need some of them,” Charles Hoskinson responded.

The user further reiterated his stance by challenging Hoskinson, he wrote, “Do you want to make a bet? Maybe we can use Augur or something on Cardano?”

Responding to the troll’s challenge, Hoskinson said, “Sure ill take a bet. I am 100 percent certain shelley ships this year. I will resign from iohk and sell all my assets if it doesn’t.”

Meanwhile, Hoskinson had hinted at the time to expect the release of Family and Friends Haskell Shelley Tesnet via a tweet shared about 2 days ago, which is the pathway to the launch of Shelley.

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