Sunday, April 11, 2021

ChainLink (LINK) Partners with Ox to Bring New DEX Functionality to Users

ChainLink (LINK) has some hours ago announced its partnership with Ox, the liquidity API powering the DeFi economy, to bring new decentralized exchange (DEX) functionality to users.

The new development was shared by Ox and corroborated by ChainLink via its official Twitter handle.

In the announcement, Ox acknowledged ChainLink (LINK) as the Onchain oracles that has the capability to support novel use cases’ combination with decentralized exchange (DEX) infrastructure.

Ox shared, “Hacking at Ethereum Denver? We released a stop-limit order pattern, leveraging price feeds operated by ChainLink. Onchain oracles can support novel use cases when combined with DEX infrastructure. Take the contract for a spin & tell us your feedback!”

ChainLink (LINK) Displays Contentment in Collaborating with Ox

ChainLink (LINK), the network that provides reliable tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain, revealed its excitement in collaborating with Ox, as both are expected to benefit mutually from the partnership.

ChainLink shared this in response to the announcement, “We’re excited to collaborate with 0x to bring this new DEX functionality to users and looking forward to the novel designs this opens up for team building at Ethereum Denver.”

Swipe Leverages Chainlink to Introduce Decentralized Pricing into the Swipe Network

In another development, Swipe, a wallet application and card platform that grants users access to buy, sell, and pay with more than 20 digital currencies announced its collaboration with Chainlink about three days ago, to enable the Swipe platform to access Chainlink’s decentralized price feed oracles, especially its ETH-USD Price Reference Contract and a custom-built decentralized price reference network for SXP-USD.

Swipe will be able to create a stable and decentralized bridge between trustworthy off-chain prices and Swipe’s on-chain transactions using Chainlink’s oracle solution.

The CEO of Swipe, Joselito Lizarondo revealed how important the new partnership is to the Swipe Wallet users, who will gain access to Chainlink’s trustworthy oracle services.

He said, “I believe this relationship is vital for Swipe users who need access to Chainlink’s trusted oracle services. By collaborating with Chainlink, Swipe will effectively address the security problems for off-chain connections that currently exist for users of the Swipe Network Wallet-Contacts.”

Solomon Odunayo
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