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Cardano’s Yoroi Warns Users of Websites Disguised as Yoroi, Hints at How to Identify Fake Version

Cardano’s Yoroi has some hours ago warned the users regarding some websites parading themselves as Yoroi, stating that it’s scammers at work.

This information was passed across via the official Twitter handle of Yoroi Wallet. According to the report, Yoroi is only available as a browser extension or a mobile app.

It became necessary for Yoroi to warn users after a supposed Cardano (ADA) community member called its attention to some scammers’ activity on Telegram, impersonating Richard McCracken to mislead unsuspecting users.

The user wrote, “Yoroi Wallet watch out for Telegram scammers impersonating folks like Richard McCracken and directing people to fishy websites.”

In response to the tweet, Richard McCracken praised the user’s effort to fish out impersonators for the wellbeing of the Cardano community. He also pointed out that the URL of the fake Yoroi website has “wallet” spelled as “walleet”.

He wrote, “Good catch Homer, the URL says walleet with two ee.”

To complement the vital information, Cardano’s Yoroi warned users that there is no specific website version of Yoroi. This implies that any website parading itself as Yoroi is fake. It reiterated the warning for users not to fall victim to scammers’ evil intentions.

Yoroi wallet wrote, “Be careful of websites pretending to be Yoroi. Yoroi is only available as a browser extension or a mobile app. There is no “website” version of Yoroi specifically so that if you see a website, you should know right away it’s a scam.”

IOHK Hints At the Release of Daedalus 1.1.0

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the firm behind the development in Cardano (ADA) ecosystem, led by Charles Hoskinson, hinted at the release of Daedalus 1.1.0 via its official Twitter handle some hours ago.

According to the update, the new version of Daedalus comes with reliability improvement and performance.

IOHK shared this, “Today, we’re releasing Daedalus 1.1.0, taking in all the freshest improvements from the Daedalus Flight program. Alongside improved reliability and performance, this new release includes wallet recovery phrase verification.”

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