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  • Cardano’s native coin ADA has the highest cumulative code commits among the top 25 projects in all market sectors.
  • An ADA whale responded to a Twitter researcher’s query with a 25-tweet thread, highlighting Cardano’s latest updates, L1+L2 upgrades, Dapps, and more.
  • The Cardano ecosystem is growing with projects from banking, DeFi, RealFi, new wallets, and bridges, among other ventures, gaining attention on Twitter.

Emperor Osmo, a cryptocurrency researcher on Twitter, expressed curiosity about the developments in the Cardano ecosystem due to the high code commits of its native coin, ADA. In response, an anonymous ADA Whale shared a 25-tweet thread that initiated discussions on the platform.

Cardano dominates with code commits

Emperor Osmo highlighted in a recent tweet that $ADA has recorded the highest cumulative code commits among all top 25 projects across various market sectors. According to a graph shared in the tweet, Cardano has achieved 106 cumulative code commits, making it the leading project in this aspect. It is noteworthy that this achievement is based on daily cumulative code commits.

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Polkadot and Kusama are trailing behind Cardano with 75 cumulative code commits. However, the gap between Cardano and the other two is significant. Cardano’s thriving ecosystem was showcased in the response thread, featuring the latest updates and developments.

In the thread, the ADA whale provided insights on several aspects of Cardano’s ecosystem, including minor and significant news updates, L1+L2 upgrades, Dapps, statistics, the Spores Network Price (SPO), NFT, governance, and community. Additionally, the thread discussed the growing popularity of native tokens and advancements in various projects, such as a portfolio self-management platform, a multi-transaction sending DApp, a gamified NFT, and a hackathon.

Diverse projects fuel Cardano ecosystem growth

The latest developments in the Cardano ecosystem encompass various sectors, such as banking, RealFi, DeFi, bridges, and new wallets, among other burgeoning ventures. Besides the updates disseminated through the official ADA channel, numerous Twitter users have showcased several other noteworthy projects in the Cardano network.

A Twitter user inquired about the need for more mention of VyFinance, a new project in the Cardano ecosystem. The user asked if the project faced any issues and why it wasn’t receiving support. In response, an ADA Whale clarified that they had supported VyFinance since its inception. The ADA Whale further mentioned that they were an anonymous amateur who volunteered their time to provide information on All Things Cardano.

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