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Cardano’s Shelley Testnet Records Over 150 Staking Pool Registrations

The Cardano community anticipates the official release of the Shelley incentivized testnet. Despite what could be tagged as a bit delay, the passionate members of the community are already doing the needful before the promised incentives that keep many waiting as the Shelley testnet already has over 150 staking pool registrations. However, there will still be incentives for the accrued registrations once the Shelley Incentivized Testnet goes live.

The eventual launch of Shelley testnet a couple of weeks ago has successfully boosted the hope of many members of the Cardano community, including the investors. The notable development is termed as a means to realize the full decentralization of Cardano blockchain.

This is expected to initiate a big turnaround, which would bring about a better next year in Cardano ecosystem, once Shelley testnet is eventually integrated into mainnet.

Cardano Shelley Testnet Already has Over 150 Staking Pool Registrations

Actually, the Shelley incentivized testnet would go live as promised any moment from now. The upcoming incentives meant good for Cardano blockchain and the community of members behind the cryptographic project.

The Shelly testnet incentive is specifically introduced to test the theory in the Ouroborous incentives whitepaper in a real-world setting. In the process, the system will gain by achieving its targeted purpose, while the stakeholders will also benefit greatly by earning the digital token ADA in the course of operating staking pools.

Prior to the rewards that would precede the waiting, some passionate Cardano enthusiasts have started staking pool registration in tons.

As shared by, a Cardano-centric member on Twitter, the staking pool has already garnered 158 registrations. In the tweet, the member affirmed that he just registered by pointing to his pool ticker. said, “There are already 158 registered pools for Cardano Shelley test-net. The Cardanians pool has a ticker CRDNS. We will be ready to operate a pool.”

Charles Hoskinson Foresees a Better 2020 for Cardano (ADA)

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK has been at the forefront of development in the Cardano ecosystem. He was blamed for the delay in the launch of Shelley, which was envisaged as the cause of the lackluster performance of Cardano (ADA) in the market back then.

He seemingly stood his ground as a leader. He now enjoys the euphoria of successes recorded in the Cardano ecosystem, believing that the cryptographic project will be stronger in the coming year.

Hoskinson made his stance known about what he’s foreseeing for Cardano (ADA) in a tweet that later went viral a couple of days ago. In the tweet, he pointed to the recent development and how fast success is coming.

He furthered by acknowledging the great works of developers and engineers. He particularly assured that Cardano (ADA) will be a beast by 2020.

He said, “What’s truly exciting about the recent releases is how fast we are able to move. Our scientists have done a remarkable job designing great protocols and our engineers are able to bring them to market. Cardano in 2020 will be a beast.”

Cardano (ADA) in the Market

Cardano (ADA) is presently ranked 12th among other digital currencies according to CoinMarketCap. There is little or no improvement to the prices of top 20 cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin (BTC) in the last 24 hours.

Only Tezos (XTZ) that recently occupied 11th position has been able to show resilience in terms of price growth. At press time, ADA is trading at $0.036676, with a 0.12% price increase on 24 hours basis.

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