Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson: February Is Going to Be a Really Good Month
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The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, has recently set the record straight regarding the quality and capability of Cardano (ADA) in the cryptocurrency industry, as the team builds towards a designated destination.

In a thread of tweets, he pointed out that Cardano’s code is the best in the industry, coupled with the use of quickcheck and a highly functional quality assurance (QA) department.

This came about after a user identified on Twitter as “red pin” praised the daily efforts of Cardano’s team of developers, in seeing through the integration of Shelley from testnet to mainnet.

The user displayed his amazement towards the weekly contribution to the source code, which garnered over 2600 commits in just one week, indicating work in progress among Cardano’s team of developers.

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“Can’t wait that Cardano gets soon upgraded with Shelley. The developer of ADA are going all in right now. Just look at the weekly contribution to the source code. OVER 2600 commits in just one week. And over 11k commits each month and 134k per year. Hard to ignore the progress,” red pin shared.

Charles Hoskinson Responds to the User’s Acknowledgement

The co-founder of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, sarcastically responded to the user’s acknowledgment. Such a response could be as a result of criticisms once directed at Cardano (ADA) project and the CEO.

Many had tagged Cardano (ADA) project as a scam, due to the past delays in unveiling some network overhauling projects.

“But but but commits don’t mean anything, you’re just a wallet, cardano is a scam, just a whitepaper, haven’t accomplished anything, Charles Hoskinson is a conman….getting pretty absurd now isn’t it?” Charles Hoskinson responded.

Charles Hoskinson Says Cardano’s Code is the Best in the Industry

Another Twitter user then questioned the possibility of sustaining the mentioned number of commits in just one week.

He asked, “How is 2600 commits in one week sustainable? How are developers staying up to date on changes? How is testing maintained at the highest coverage and best practices? I am genuinely interested in understanding development at this level of scale.”

In response to his inquiry, Charles Hoskinson said, “Our code quality is the best in the industry and includes heavy use of quickcheck, formal specifications and a dedicated QA department that has pretty exhaustive testing standards”

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