Sunday, April 11, 2021

Cardano Releases New Version of Daedalus Flight with New Features and Performance Improvements

IOHK, the firm behind developments in the Cardano ecosystem, has released the new version of Daedalus Flight with a number of new features for users to test out.

The new development was passed across a couple of hours ago via the official Twitter handle of IOHK. According to the report, the newly released version of Daedalus Flight comes with manual ADA transfer from Byron legacy wallets and restoration of Yoroi wallets. These new features are to be tested out by users for quality assurance.

The new version also has an off-chain data aggregation solution to boost fetching stake pools. Going by the report, the latest release includes several performance improvements specifically designed to boost the user experience.

IOHK tweeted, “New Daedalus Flight release! This version includes a number of new features for you to test out including manual ada transfer from Byron legacy wallets & restoration of Yoroi Shelley wallets. It also introduces an off-chain data aggregation solution to improve fetching stake pools.

“Additionally, it includes a number of performance improvements to sync times & epoch boundary transition times across all platforms, as well as a reduction in the time required to verify the previously-recorded blocks.”

Charles Hoskinson Encourages Cardano Users to Test the Newly Released Version

The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, who doubles as the creator of Cardano (ADA), has also stressed the necessity of the latest version of Daedalus Flight.

Reacting to the announcement shared by IOHK, Hoskinson urged Cardano users to download and test the latest version. He expects feedbacks regarding improvements they notice.

Charles Hoskinson shared this, “We decided to release the performance update first on flight. Please download and try it out. Let us know about the performance improvements you see.”

Cardano Has One of the Most Advanced Cryptocurrency Network Designs in the Industry

In another development, Charles Hoskinson acknowledged Cardano as one of the most advanced cryptocurrency network designs in the industry, after sighting the documentation titled “Introduction to the design of the Data Diffusion and Networking for Cardano Shelley.”

“Been waiting a long time for this documentation. Cardano has one of the most advanced cryptocurrency network designs in our entire industry. It learns, deals with attacks and has incredible performance,” Charles Hoskinson noted.

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