Monday, April 12, 2021

Cardano Foundation and ScanTrust to Roll out Another Notable Blockchain Project

ScanTrust, a firm that secures product digitalization to enable trust and transparency between and brands and consumers worldwide has some hours ago hinted that it’s rolling out another blockchain project with Cardano Foundation any time soon.

About three days ago, Cardano Foundation shared that it accepted an offer to implement a Proof-of-Concept involving the integration with ScanTrust. This is meant to conjoin in developing Cardano Connector, product provenance that is blockchain-enabled, authenticity tools.

Cardano Foundation shared thus, “Davos Diaries – 21 Jan 2020: We accepted an offer to implement a Proof-of-Concept integration with ScanTrust, a smart packaging services company, to co-develop Cardano Connector, blockchain-enabled product provenance, and authenticity tool.”

As expected, this actually spread across the news outlets and was warmly received by the Cardano community members. It was termed as a means to bring improvement and development to the Cardano ecosystem.

ScanTrust Hints of Rolling out Another Blockchain Project

Some hours ago, the same smart packaging services company, ScanTrust took to twitter to reply to the tweet shared by Cardano Foundation on 21st January 2020 about the integration with ScanTrust, which was featured above.

In the tweet, it hinted its groundwork to launch a blockchain project with Cardano Foundation. However, it didn’t relate what the project would be all about.

It shared this, “We’re rolling out another blockchain project, this time with Cardano Foundation. Stay tuned for more details!”

Multiple Support to Be Added to Yoroi Extension

In another news, Yoroi Wallet has some hours ago announced that there will be an addition of multi-wallet support to the Yoroi Extension by February 2020.

“We will be adding multi-wallet support to the Yoroi Extension in the coming month. This is our new UI. What do you think? Feels so clean!”

Solomon Odunayo
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