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Cardano (ADA) would Dominate the Crypto Space by the End of 2020s –Charles Hoskinson

The CEO of IOHK and Cardano (ADA) has followed the steps of Brian Armstrong, the Co-founder, and CEO of Coinbase, to predict what to expect in the 2020s.

He seized the opportunity of the AMA conducted some hours ago to clearly throw his weight behind the cryptographic project he oversees, Cardano (ADA), stressing that the crypto project would dominate the cryptocurrency space by the end of the 2020s.

What to Expect in 2020 for Cardano (ADA)

The just-concluded year seems to be a fulfilling year for Cardano ecosystem. A number of notable projects were launched, which initiated a euphoria that still reigns within the Cardano community.

2019 saw the launch of Tangata Manu, the Cardano chain data-importer. It’s also known as the third product after the launch of the ADA blockchain explorer.

The project that was mostly awaited for is Shelley testnet. Its eventual launch was a joy to always talk about in the Cardano ecosystem. The fact that Shelley is expected to aid the achievement of the full decentralization of Cardano blockchain makes the launch more applaudable.

Shelley testnet has been incentivized to encourage real-time participation. ADA holders are opened to rewards in the ongoing staking pools. According to the report, Shelley testnet will exhibit its full potential once it’s integrated into mainnet this year.

The excitement about the features embedded in Shelley and what it stands to achieve prompted the CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson to sentimentally declare Cardano a beast come 2020, as he expects the crypto project to outperform its contemporaries due to the grand success recorded in 2019.

Cardano (ADA) in the 2020s

As aforementioned, mainnet upgrade of Cardano’s Shelley is forthcoming. This is already a talking point about what the future holds for Cardano blockchain and its digital token ADA.

Every project emerging within the Cardano ecosystem has been strategically preplanned to greatly aid the growth and development of the ecosystem, including its value in the market.

That could be the reason behind Charles Hoskinson’s boldness to declare during the recent AMA that, “By the end of the 2020s, Cardano will hopefully be the most dominant crypto in the space.”

Charles Hoskinson Predictions for the Next Decade

The AMA was an interesting moment that had Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson answering a series of questions related to the Cardano ecosystem and the growth of technology across the world.

He then wrapped it up with predictions that covered the world of technology. Things he expects to play out in the next decade.

In his prediction, Charles said there will be a new development for the life of batteries, with a higher density level, such as 600 miles for a single charge.

He said renewable resources and energy will expand. He also talked about the emergence of development in Africa. He added that the advancement of technology could birth the implantation of devices into people’s bodies.

Watch the Cardano’s AMA with Charles Hoskinson below:

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