Cardano Continues To Lead All Blockchains Based On Average Daily Development Activity
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According to IOHK, Cardano (ADA) has eventually released Ouroboros Hydra, which is expected to break new ground in PoS scalability.

Cardano is getting closer to integrating Shelley testnet into mainnet, making the release of Ouroboros Hydra significant at this time.

As reported by IOHK on Twitter some hours ago, this major scientific milestone is the result of about 5 years of inter-disciplinary research effort.

“A major scientific achievement and a significant milestone in the development of Cardano, Ouroboros Hydra breaks new ground in PoS scalability. After some 5 years of inter-disciplinary research effort, the Hydra paper is available today,” IOHK reported.

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According to, the release of Ouroboros Hydra is a preparation for the future where scalability will not be a problem and Cardano (ADA) can scale globally.

Recap of Messages by Charles Hoskinson to Prepare Cardano (ADA) Community for the Upcoming Releases

Since the beginning of 2020 until now, the CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson has been preparing the minds of the Cardano community members towards the preplanned releases to the eventual integration of Shelley testnet to mainnet.

In order to properly carry the community members along, Charles had conducted series of podcasts and live videos. This is transparency and it’s obvious that the community cherishes this a lot.

There are two important tweets we singled out as preparatory messages shared by Charles.

On 22nd February, Charles Hoskinson shared about what is coming to the market as relayed by his product manager. There, he compared Cardano (ADA) to an iceberg.

“The best part of my day is when I have a chance to chat with my product managers about our progress, new ideas and what’s coming to market soon. Cardano is like an iceberg. There is so much you don’t see, but will soon have a huge impact. Next two months are going to be wild!” Charles Hoskinson shared.

On 26th February, the CEO pinpointed in a tweet that the critics of Cardano (ADA) project are unable to see or understand the progress the team is making. He then categorically pointed out that Cardano (ADA) is converging to be the best cryptocurrency in the world.

Charles Hoskinson shared this, “It blows my mind that our critics cannot see or understand the enormous progress we have made. They are now just publicly proving they either lack basic due diligence capabilities, are shills or shouldn’t be in crypto at all. Cardano is converging to be the best CC in the world.”

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