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Cardano (ADA) Co-Founder: We Have a Step By Step Plan to Make Shelley Happen

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano (ADA) has answered the critics that are claiming that Shelley may never launch. In a recent AMA, he said the team of developers has a step by step plan to make Shelley happen.

This was aired by the CEO of IOHK in an AMA conducted on 19th April 2020. During this AMA, he also discussed the present research velocity and the advancement in the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem.

In the course of the AMA Charles Hoskinson hinted that there is a possibility for one more Daedalus Flight candidate release.

Details of the AMA Conducted By Charles Hoskinson

More Flight Candidate Should Be Expected

During the AMA, Charles Hoskinson spoke about the increased development in the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem. He mentioned the achievement of realizing 4 releases within seventeen days. He said one more flight candidate should be expected from the team.

He said,

“We will do the mainnet release of Daedalus on the regular version of Daedalus which will aggregate all changes in the month of April for the Flight program. That means that all users will be on the new Byron reboot code.”

Speaking about the compatibility of Linux, Mac, and Windows, Hoskinson said, “We’re quite happy that the Flight program has rolled out to users. Sync times have ranged from 30 minutes to two hours which is a massive improvement. We have seen sync times on Windows fall from eight hours to an hour and ten minutes. This is positive progress after recent developments.”

About the Bugs Discovered and Fixed

Charles Hoskinson also showcased his excitement in how the discovered bugs were fixed within a number of hours and days, quicker than the previous codebase.

He attributed the achievement to the enhanced architecture with the Byron reboot, which allows the team to embark on memory profiling. He then pointed out that the design and the beautiful architectures make the entire process easier.

Charles Hoskinson Says the Team Has a Step By Step Plan to Make Shelley Happen

Charles Hoskinson also stressed on the critics’ claim regarding the launch of Shelley. He said they claimed that Shelley will never launch. He, however, responded that the team has a step by step plan to make Shelley happen.

He said,

“The 23rd of April will represent the next major internal release of the node. This will pull together many components for the Shelley ‘friends and family’ testnet. We will take another couple of weeks to bring the CLI into this.”

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