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I was actively looking for a broker since I lost my job during the first lockdown of COVID-19. I had to take care of my family. Of course, it didn’t help that all the jobs were going overseas. It did not help that I had no experience in forex trading since

The task seemed quite daunting at first but let me tell you in this Capital Maximus review how it changed my views of forex trading for the better

One of the first things I noticed about Capital Maximus is that they are not just a broker but a top-notch financial institution that knows exactly what their clients want from them. There are many things that I want to discuss in this review about the trading platform, So, let’s get started!

Services Quality

AI Trading

This broker knows what they are doing. They will make sure that you have the very best service possible, and they always do their job with a smile. Whether it’s making a deposit or withdrawing funds, converting your account to another currency, or getting customer support regarding any problems you might encounter while trading on Capital Maximus – everything is handled very quickly and with a smile.

I know my Capital Maximus review might sound like every other forex broker review out there, but the quality of service that you get from Capital Maximus is something that I have been unable to find among many other brokers and financial institutions. You can be sure that they will always deliver their best services possible, which you can’t say about many financial institutions out there.

When you are making a deposit, it is swift, and you will want to know that your funds are safe and not just resting in their bank account for them to use whenever they want. I always felt confident when making my transactions because I knew that my money was secure, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you know?

Capital Maximus will always make sure your funds are safe. They do this by allowing traders to trade in a way where the risk of any loss is eliminated. This is why we call their platform “Capital Maximus.”

Education and Trading Tools

It is worth mentioning in this Capital Maximus review that their website has everything you need to learn forex trading. They have a video course that will introduce you to forex trading, the tools available, and how to manage your account. I only looked through their introductory video on Forex trading, but I am sure that their other learning tools are available. I only looked through their introductory video on Forex trading, but I am sure that their other learning tools are also very well-made and easy to use.

Their trading platform is user-friendly, like how they have a chat box where you can ask your questions about forex trading if you are a beginner. It is straightforward to use because it doesn’t have unnecessary sections and buttons that you will never need, or at least for a while.

Capital Maximus also has tools that help you keep track of the latest currency exchange prices and analyze your trading history and performance on your previous trades so you can improve your trading ability with time.

I particularly like the trading platform because it can be accessed from any web-enabled device, which makes your trading experience more convenient when you are on the go or just having a lazy day at home.

The Sign-Up Process

Signing up with Capital Maximus is very smooth, especially if you have access to the network, then you need to access their website and start trading.

The only thing you need to do is just fill up an application form so they can give you a trading account using one of their supported currencies, and that’s it! This is very convenient because other financial institutions out there make new clients go through the hassle of meeting some requirements before giving them an account.

The Deposit and Withdrawal Processes

It is swift, and if you are a beginner, I suggest that you use a credit card or Skrill to make your deposits because it requires less information, and the process will be quicker for you.

The only thing you need to do is make a deposit, and then Capital Maximus will send an email with instructions on how to initiate your account. They also offer the option of setting up an automatic withdrawal through their website, so they will withdraw it for you whenever you make a profit from your trading.

User Interface and Trading Experience

I found the user interface to be excellent. I didn’t need to click too many times before I could get a handle on what I was looking for. It is also intuitive because the trading platform looks like it was made with new forex traders in mind, so it doesn’t have that intimidating look compared to other forex trading platforms. It is straightforward to use, whether you are a beginner in Forex trading or not.

Capital Maximus is also available on your mobile phone, so if you want to trade while waiting for that delayed bus, all you have to do is turn on your smartphone (or tablet) and access Capital Maximus’s trading platform. This means that you can trade anytime, anywhere.

Customer Service

The customer service department is very responsive. If you take the time to read through some of their reviews online, you will see that they have an excellent reputation for solving problems and addressing concerns. I also believe that the ability for traders to access Capital Maximus’s platform from anywhere means that contact with the support team is never a problem. Live chat is also available, which can be accessed from the website itself.

Assets/ Pairs

Capital Maximus only offers one trading pair, which is EUR/USD, but I am sure that if you are looking for a beginner-friendly forex trading platform that gives you a good amount of information and training on how to trade, it should be fine.

Cryptocurrency Support

They have amazing cryptocurrency support.

Traders can trade some of the most popular coins and tokens, including BTC, BCH, ETH, LITECOIN (LTC), EOS, XRP, and others, which are added soon, taking a top spot among traders.

The one thing I love about Capital Maximus is that they accept over 40 different cryptocurrencies as a means of depositing and withdrawing. This is good for those who want to trade using a credit card because you can deposit with Bitcoin, then convert it to your currency of choice.

The trading platform also has a slight interface modification for cryptocurrency trading, which is different from the fiat (standard money) trading platform.


Capital Maximus also offers commodities trading, which is a good move considering cementing themselves as a forex and cryptocurrency exchange. The only downside to this is that the trading platform does not allow you to set alerts, but I am sure that will be addressed soon enough.


TrueNorth does not exactly offer a vast range of Indices to trade on, but there are some that you can find at your disposal.

Forex News and Analysis

Capital Maximus has a perfect news section hand-picked by their forex traders, so this means the news they present to you is tailored and specialized to fit beginners in forex trading. This is also important because many new traders do not understand why reading news affects their trading decisions.

The news is constantly updated, which means you will never miss a beat regarding what’s going on in the forex market.  Capital Maximus also offers an analysis section from different sources to give you more information as a trader. Sometimes, just one perspective of the forex market is not enough to make an informed decision.

Forex Trading Platform

Capital Maximus has a very good, user-friendly, and beginner-friendly trading platform that allows you access to multiple exchanges all at once. This means you can make your decisions faster because you don’t have to refer back and forth between different platforms for information.

I also like how they show real-time graphs of the currency you are trading in (as well as cryptocurrency). This is very useful, especially for people who have just started forex trading and want to get more acquainted with market movements.  It comes with indicators, drawing tools, and chart formations, making it easier to navigate than other forex trading platforms.


There are many forex brokers out there, but none of them are compared to Capital Maximus. They deliver high-quality services that you can rely on all the time, and their trading platform is straightforward to use for beginners as it doesn’t have too many functions that they can get confused with while using it.

I was able to see the potential of Capital Maximus in just a short time after signing up for their platform. I think it is a great forex trading platform to use because they have everything you need right there on your browser or mobile device. All in all, Capital Maximus has the potential to change the way we look at Forex trading forever because of its innovative features and tools that can help new traders become more competent and experienced with time.

Also, don’t just take my word for it—check out the many reviews they have online, and you will see that people are delighted with their services and products.

Disclaimer: This review is written from the writers experience and thier self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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