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Criminals are impersonating delivery drivers to break into victims’ homes to steal cryptocurrency. A warning has been provided by a Canadian police department concerning a likely trend involving the theft of high-value cryptocurrency from investors’ homes.

Police Alarmed by Crypto Theft Witnessed in Richmond

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Richmond claimed that in the past 12 months, similar robberies associated with cryptocurrency investors have been reported. The announcement follows the July 19 arrest of suspects involved in the home robberies of crypto investors.

Gene Hsieh, Staff Sergeant of the Richmond RCMP Major Crime Unit, revealed that an individual targets the victim’s cryptocurrency. Further, he was confident that public caution was critical for the public’s safety.

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Impersonating Delivery Agents Becoming a Preferred Mode for Crypto Thieves

The national police service failed to reveal particular information concerning the incidents. However, he claimed that every case involved a criminal imitating a delivery guy prior to stealing from the victim.

Suspects pose as persons of authority or delivery persons to acquire access to a victim’s home. After being allowed inside, they steal data that offers access to their cryptocurrency accounts. Jill Long, Staff Sergeant of the Delta Police Investigative Service, revealed that the suspects seem aware that their victims are ‘deeply’ invested in cryptocurrency. Additionally, they also know where they reside.

Despite the police department confirming that it had made an arrest, it failed to clarify if various incidents were related. Since investigations continue, it failed to offer clear details concerning the incidents or the amount of cryptocurrency stolen.

Canadian Police Warn Citizens Against Welcoming Delivery Persons into Homes

To avert theft, the department has cautioned people not to allow visitors or delivery persons into their households, whether genuine or not. Rather, they should place their deliveries outside.

In case of doubt, one should verify the individual’s identity by contacting the delivery company. Further, authorities should be contacted in case of imminent danger.

The police advised people to store valuables and financial data in safe places within the households, for instance, safety boxes. They also highlight the need for private discussions concerning financial matters and with trusted persons only. Social media should be avoided.

Suspects of Kidnaping Canada’s Crypto King Arrested

Aiden Pleterski, Canada’s self-proclaimed ‘Crypto King,’ was supposedly kidnapped in March, falsely incarcerated, and beaten by five men who were victims of an evident scheme from him.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reveals that One man allegedly invested CA$ 740000 dollars into this scheme and was accused of kidnapping Pleterski on July 17.

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