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BTC and ETH have been attempting to exceed each other as far as performance is concerned. Although the market capitalization difference remains significant, ETH has had an impressive run in price gains. A year ago, Ethereum’s worth exemplified 3% of BTC’s value. However, while writing this, ETH value at 6% of the leading cryptocurrencies. It surged 8.5% at some point in the early weeks of May.

Over the previous bullish rallies, ETH has moderately cracked out of BTC’s shadow. Also, the world’s favorite alternative coin has been reactive as far as volatility is concerned. However, one specific factor is likely to detect whether ETH will plunge or enjoy new highs.

ETH-BTC Experienced Correlation Volatility – So What?

According to their chart, ETH/BTC got correlation volume spread for the two assets. Also, the volume spread fluctuates down or up depending on the asset with high volatility at that particular moment.

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Usually, when the chart indicates an increased spread, Ethereum outperforms BTC in bullish rallies and vice versa. For example, ETH-BTC had its volatility spread dropping to 14% from 36% on the price charts between September last year and 2021 January. That means that BTC had had high volatility than ETH. Bitcoin mimicked the volatility, rising by around 169% during the period as ETH saw its value spiking by 111%.

Things changed this year as the volume spread started surging. The whole situation favored Ethereum’s movements. Once more, the coin’s spread hiked to 37% from 14%. As a result, Ether outperformed BTC, growing 97% compared to Bitcoin’s 64% increase.

Meanwhile, the charts have shown a high volume spread since the April downtrends. That translates to more volatility waiting for Ethereum in the coming sessions. Keep in mind that it may not show bullish moves each time.

Volatility Affects Both

The vital thing to consider from the recent increasing volume spread between ETH-BTC is that it denotes both brutal bearishness and massive bullishness since April’s ending when both crypto coins recorded their ATHs. However, Ethereum did better as far the percentage growth is concerned.

During bearish pressure, Ethereum performed better once more by plunging further than BTC on the price charts. BTC lost 48% initially, while Ether declined by 60% within ten days between May 10 and May 23.

With that narrative and the volume spread hovering around its yearly highs, you can presume that ETH will bridge its Ethereum-Bitcoin valuation quicker if the market experiences bullishness. However, any increased bearishness might push Ether’s value down the price chart.

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