Monday, May 10, 2021

Brendan Blumer Expresses Support for Wuhan in the Middle of Coronavirus Outbreak CEO Brendan Blumer has expressed his support for the populace of Wuhan, as efforts to curtail coronavirus outbreak continue.

The cryptocurrency community as a whole has constantly showcased its support towards the eradication of the ranging contagious disease that keeps threatening the lives of the people of China on a daily basis.

The fact that China is the most populous country in the world makes the fight against the airborne virus more challenging.

Since the deadly virus was made public, lots of crypto big guns such as Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron and many others alike have done one or two things to support the fight against the disease.

Brendan Blumer Expresses Support for Wuhan

The CEO of who just achieved the release of Voice Beta recently expressed his support for Wuhan in the middle of coronavirus outbreak.

Brendan took to Twitter to show that he stands with them as the countries of the world and the government of China join hands to put an end to the spread of the virus.

Brendan wrote this, “Some don’t appreciate how scary it can be in areas of extreme population density during life-threatening outbreaks. Creativity, novelty, and most importantly social responsibility are nothing but admirable. Wuhan Jiayou!”

In response to the tweet, a supposed EOS community members solicited for the help and effort of in fighting the disease for the benefit of the human race.

He wrote, “I know B1 is stand with Chinese people. Hope you could do something to help fighting the virus, for the goodness for all human being. Wuhan Jiayou!”

The CEO then answered by sharing the extent the organization has gone in the quest to join the campaign against the life threatening virus.

He responded, “We have been looking into how to best help in ways that aren’t already being covered, and have been taking extreme caution to safeguard our employees. Much of our organization operates from Hong Kong, China, and our hearts are deeply connected to those affected. Wuhan Jiayou!”

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