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Read our BNB Trades review and learn why this is a proper broker for online trading. Read all you need to know in this BNB Trades review before you start trading with the broker.
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About Bnb Trades

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Driven by the need to enhance the users’ trading experience, Bnb Trades emerged in the CFD trading space. It currently provides multi-asset coverage and several account types, aiming to improve how people engage in the financial markets.

If you don’t already know how to start trading online, our review will offer some key insights into why this broker is accessible to anyone. You can then make an assessment and decide whether the company deserves the trust. Here we go!

CFD Coverage

There are plenty of CFDs available for trading with Bnb Trades and the list includes the following:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Precious metals
  • Forex pairs
  • Shares
  • Indices
  • Commodities

It seems like the brokerage wants to attract traders with different goals. If you want to trade crypto, there are 60+ cryptocurrency pairs and if you are interested in FX, there’s also broad coverage for tens of currency pairs.

Stocks and indices make sense, given there has been pretty high volatility as of late. Precious metals, as well as commodities, make diversification even more convenient. In terms of leverage, the maximum is capped at 1:100 for the Bronze account and 1:400 for the VIP Platinium account.

Bnb Trades CFD coverage

Trading with MT4

Those who choose to work with Bnb Trades might also find comfort in the trading platform. MetaTrader 4 is the option of choice and thanks to its user-friendly interface, people with limited or no trading knowledge shouldn’t have any issues getting accustomed to it.

MT4 makes sense also due to the popular indicators and technical analysis tools. Trading short-term with CFDs requires a specific approach, as compared to long-term investments. Basically, traders try to understand the market trend and then find reliable support and resistance levels. MetaTrader 4 continues to be a platform able to get this job done.

Other Benefits

Upon examining the array of account options provided by Bnb Trades, it’s evident that the brokerage caters to traders of all skill levels. The Bronze account serves as a beginner-friendly option, offering accessible spreads and modest leverage.

Moving up the ladder, the Silver account presents tighter spreads and increased leverage, providing a stepping stone for traders looking to expand their horizons. The Gold account offers further enhancements, with even lower spreads and higher leverage, appealing to seasoned traders seeking optimal trading conditions.

Bnb Trades trading benefits

At the apex, the VIP Platinium account boasts the tightest spreads and maximum leverage, catering to discerning traders with elevated expectations. With a diverse range of account types, Bnb Trades ensures that traders can find an option that aligns with their trading goals and experience level.

Final Thoughts

To conclude our review, this does look like a brokerage worth analyzing in greater detail. The trading services it puts on the table are transparent and make sense, given the recent market developments. By providing ample CFD coverage, support for MT4, and various trading benefits, Bnb Trades has the potential to grow into a significant online trading brand.

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