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Key Insights:

  • Bitget Card promises seamless crypto-to-fiat transactions globally.
  • Company eyes potential Web3 and AI synergy, hinting at Telegram collaborations.
  • Bitget’s Middle East expansion includes hiring and a strategic Dubai hub.

Seychelles-based Bitget made waves at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai. Revealing a strategic plan for its Middle East expansion, Bitget has showcased its forthcoming Bitget Card and underlined the role of AI in the crypto space.

Bitget Card: A Step Towards Seamless Crypto Transactions

The event’s highlight was Bitget’s announcement of its crypto-backed credit card. The Bitget Card, as it’s named, is designed to simplify cryptocurrency transactions for users. Notably, this card will allow holders to effortlessly convert their digital assets into fiat currency. Moreover, users can utilize it for payments wherever traditional credit or debit cards are accepted.

This card is integrated with the Bitget platform and promises direct access to Bitget trading accounts and wallets. Additionally, the card boasts enticing features. These include cashback rewards on specific purchases and competitive foreign exchange rates for global transactions. Most importantly, Bitget has emphasized advanced security measures to ensure protection against potential fraud. Significantly, the company projects acceptance of this card across 180 countries.

Bitget’s Vision: Merging Web3 with AI

Another pivotal announcement was Bitget’s intent to explore the synergy between Web3 and AI. Having already rolled out its rebranding, the company aims to provide “intuitive, secure, and efficient tools” for users. In line with this vision, the firm introduced AI-driven tools and features.

AI Trading

Moreover, Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, delved into AI’s vital role in emerging Web 3.0 technologies. She underscored the importance of Telegram bots in today’s crypto landscape. Considering Telegram’s expansive user base, with around 800 million active users monthly, she hinted at potential collaborations.

Bitget’s Middle East Foray

Bitget’s presence at Dubai’s Future Blockchain Summit isn’t mere participation. The summit, which hosts over 10,000 experts from various blockchain and tech domains, offers a grand stage for announcements. And Bitget seized this opportunity to shed light on its Middle East endeavors.

Bitget had pulled the curtain on its Middle East expansion plans earlier in the year. Gracy Chen remarked, 

“We aim to grow our Middle East team considerably. We’re looking at 30 to 60 new hires across the region in the upcoming 2 years. Roles will span from mid-office to back-office functions. Additionally, we’re contemplating establishing Dubai as our central hub for the Middle East market.” 

She further emphasized Bitget’s commitment to enhancing blockchain and crypto acceptance worldwide.

Besides, Bitget has already established a footing in Dubai by opening an office. Moreover, they’re actively investigating potential license applications, paving their way into Middle Eastern markets.

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