Bitcoin Must Address Scaling as Spot ETFs Boost Momentum
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Bitcoin exchange-traded funds’ ratification is a form of mainstream justification. However, Paul Sztorc, a longtime Bitcoiner, claims the ecosystem must still think prudently regarding scaling.

Paul Sztorc, a Bitcoin Drivechain advocate, believes the expanding mainstream adoption of Bitcoin will improve the functionality and scalability of its infrastructure. 

In an interview with a digital media resource, he discussed the advantages and disadvantages of sanctioning Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the U.S. He also talked about the long-term impacts of institutional money influx into the system.

Paul claimed that it is an indicator of validation and health. Since Bitcoin is recognizable, its name is spreading out quickly. He labelled it is an outcome of specific kinds of money that should flow through nonfungible tokens.

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Spot Bitcoin ETFs Labelled Inevitable Outcome in Crypto Space

According to LayerTwo Labs’s cofounder, Bitcoin exchange-traded funds are an ‘unavoidable outcome of age.’ He noted that clients of the Bitcoin-supported investment products are different from daily hardcore Bitcoiners as well as retail investors.

Exchange-traded funds are fundamentally custodial and are plugged into the appliance of reporting to the state and government. However, individuals dependent on an exchange-traded fund might be unlikely to keep Bitcoin to themselves.

Paul acknowledges that the publicity surrounding Bitcoin exchange-traded funds might be an entry for investors as well as persons yet to learn about Bitcoin. Concurrently, the focus on their impact might lead to unwarranted attention on Bitcoin’s value instead of its fundamental performance and metrics.

Concerning the terrible things, Paul said that exchange-traded funds promote an individual’s preoccupation with price. As a chief executive officer, one must never discuss stock price but put more emphasis on its drivers. He also said that one should focus on the product’s quality and the level of the employees’ happiness.

Bitcoin Scaling Remains a Work in Progress

For more than four years, LayerTwo Labs has been creating Dtivechains. Explanations concerning how the Bitcoin network could develop, erase, send, and receive sidechains are contained in Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) 300 and 301.

Paul wrote BIP-300 and supports the functionality that Drivechains affords. He has also discussed the two BIPs’ complexities at numerous conferences.

With more liquidity flowing into the Bitcoin ecosystem via adoption-enhancing events such as Bitcoin ETFs’ ratification, the network might experience increased volumes of transactions. Paul highlights this point by citing a statement from Bitcoin’s pseudonymous developer.

Paul noted that according to Satoshi Nakamoto, high or no transaction volume will be witnessed in the next two decades. Major blockers utilized that to claim that Satoshi was a major blocker. However, Paul believes that Satoshi’s claims are right.

Lightning Network Key to Facilitating Bitcoin Transactions

Paul also said no scenario exists where a billion persons utilize another blockchain protocol, and Bitcoin succeeds. The Lightning Network has played a significant role in enabling the Bitcoin network to handle high-throughput and low-fee transactions. However, Paul stresses the importance of extra functionality to the ecosystem to address issues such as competition from altcoin, extension block campaigns, and hard fork campaigns.

According to Paul, BIP-300 entails having competition, which is needed in this case. Several competitors will participate, and it addresses the final piece often disregarded by individuals. He also said that sidechains permit individuals to play the games of their choice, while Bitcoiners who do not opt-in do not have to consider a sidechain’s activities.

An earlier report revealed that Bitcoin Improvement Proposals have been critical in establishing the basis for soft forks. The forks have aided in enhancing the Bitcoin protocol’s functionality as well as the creation of innovations such as the Lightning Network. 

The reflection on scaling issue coincide with Bitcoin witnessing resurgence following plunge in price post-approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. Market analysts attributed the downtrend to outflows suffered by Grayscale GBTC as investors took profits. The outflow decelerated triggering rally in Bitcoin price. 

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